180% Density Wig: Is 180% Density Good For A Wig?
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180% Density Wig: Is 180% Density Good For A Wig?

Wig density is always an important factor we need to consider while buying a wig. But we still have received a lot of questions from our customers about how to choose density for a wig? What does 180 density wig mean? Is 180% density good for a wig? And others relevant to wig density.

If you are also interested in the answers, or you also get confused about how to choose wig density, check this post. This post is going to clear up all your confusion about wig density.

What is hair density in the wig?

Wig density refers to the overall thickness of all hair strands on a wig. It's an index that use to measure the thickness and fullness of a wig. Wig density is generally expressed as a percentage that ranges from 60% to 250%. Typically, the higher the percentage is, the thicker and fuller the wig is. 
wig density chart

180% Density wig meaning

180% Density wig is a high-density wig that is intended for those who desire a full and versatile hair look. 180% Density wigs are fuller than 100% density wigs, 130% density wigs, and 150% density wigs. This density of wig comes with a certain weight which might be slightly uncomfortable. 

Pros and cons of 180% density wig:


Voluminous and luxurious appearance: 180% Density wig is a heavy density wig, it works to give the wearers an exceptionally full and thick hair look. 

Versatile in styling: This high-density wig allows the wearers to embrace various opulent hairstyles. That's also why it is highly preferred by actors and celebrities.


A little bit heavy: 180 Density wigs give a lot of bounce and styling options but might be slightly uncomfortable for wearing.

180% Density wig vs. 150% density wig

150% density wig is a medium density wig that looks natural but a little bit fuller than natural-born hair. 

150% density wig looks more natural than a 180% density wig. It's an ideal option for those who desire a natural, comfortable, but fuller hair look.

180% Density wig looks more luxurious than a 150% density wig, if you would like full and thick hair, we recommend you choose a 180 density wig.

180% Density wig vs. 250% density wig

250% density wig (Extra heavy density wig) is almost the heaviest and fullest wig you could find in the wig market. You might feel uncomfortable for daily wear or long-time use. It's major preferred by artists for performance.

If you desire a full but daily hair density, 150% density wigs and 180% density wigs are a better choice than 250% density wigs, cause it's too heavy for daily wearing.

Or if you desire a full and luxurious hair look to make a head-turning look that would not be unnoticed, both 180% density wigs and 200% density wigs are a good choice.
180 density wig body wave

Is 180 density good for a wig?

The short and direct answer to this problem is "yes". This wig density looks natural but fuller than usual.

But to choose the best wig density that flatters you better, it also depends on your preference, the lengths and textures of hair you desire.

There are several factors you need to consider while buying a 180% density wig:

The comfort: Typically, the higher density of the wigs is, the fuller and heavier the wig is. If you desire a wig density that can provide you with a natural appearance and premium comfort, 130% density wigs and 150% density wigs should be a good choice for you. These two wig density level is closest to human hair.

The lengths of wig: Here is a wig length chart and the corresponding recommended wig density for your reference:

12 to 14 inches - 130% wig density/ 150% wig density

16 to 20 inches - 150% wig density/ 180% wig density

22 to 24 inches - 180% wig density

26 to 30 inches - 200% wig density/ 250% wig density

The texture of the wig: We all know that curly hair and kinky hair look fuller and more voluminous than silky straight hair at the same density. So if you desire silky straight hair, you might need medium to high density. If you desire a kinky curl wig, you can pick a lower wig density than usual.

180% Density wigs at Elfin Hair:

Elfin Hair provides various 180% density wigs. From pre-plucked lace frontal wigsHD lace bob wigs, to silk straight lace front wigs, We have got you covered, available in a variety of textures, colors, and lengths. Explore the best 180% density wig at Elfin Hair. All Elfin Hair wigs are made with 100% human hair, soft and smooth in texture, with a natural luster, extremely durable, and can last a long time.

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