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Can you swim with a wig or hairpiece?

The hot summertime is coming soon. No summer is complete without a splash in the pool or a visit to the beach. Some may be concerned if they can swim with a wig on? The short and direct answer is "Yes". Let's talk about what you need to pay attention to to swim with a wig or hairpiece.

Tip 1: Make sure your wig glue is waterproof.

The lace wig is now the most popular wig among black women. But most of the time we need to apply glue to make the lace melt into the skin. If you have a plan to swim with a glued-down lace wig on, you'd better make sure your wig glue is waterproof. So that you can avoid the embarrassment of slide-off or flip-out. 

Tip 2. Test the wig before diving into the pool 

After choosing a waterproof wig glue, you'd better make a test in a bathtub or take a longer time shower to check out if your glue is waterproof or not. 

Tip 3: Pick a cheaper wig

Since the chlorine and salt in the pool or sea can bring damage to the wig or hairpiece, and shorten the lifespan of the hair strands. 

Tip 4: Opt for a short wig styles

Since long hair will become heavy under the water, especially wigs in a high density, this may add the risk of slide-off and flip-out. A short bob hairstyle or pixie style wig allows you to move more smoothly under the water. 

Tip 5: Braid or ponytail your long wig

To braid or ponytail your long wig can help to avoid the wig getting tangled as possible. Besides, in this way, your movement underwater is more unrestricted.

Tip 6: Add clips and straps into the wig cap

Sew an elastic band inside the wig cap from ear to ear, or add two combs and clips in the bottom of the wig cap. These can help to make the wig firmer underwater.

Tip 7: Wear a swim cap over your wig underwater

Wearing a swim cap over your wig underwater if you are planning to do some vigorous actions. This is almost the safest method to avoid the embracement of wig-slide-off underwater.

Tip 8: Wash your wig thoroughly after swimming

Make a deep cleanness for your wig after swimming. The chlorine and salt underwater can bring damage to the wig, so washing the wig deeply can help to remove residual chemicals. Besides, remember to pick a high-quality glue remover before washing the wig so that the waterproof glue can be thoroughly removed.

Tip 9: Make a deep condition for the wig

After removing glue and washing the wig, use a soft towel to absorb the excess water, apply hair conditioner to the wig and let it sit for about 30 mins. Rinse under flowing water to remove the hair conditioner. Squeeze out the excess water and let the wig air dry.

Tip 10: Shampoo your natural hair thoroughly

Pick a mild shampoo and wash your natural hair thoroughly to remove the residual chemicals. Make a deep condition for your natural hair to moisturize it afterward.


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