How to Take Peruvian Virgin Hair Extensions Out?
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How to Take Peruvian Virgin Hair Extensions Out?

How to Take Peruvian Virgin Hair Extensions Out?

It's okay if you scoffed at the title of the article because for starters, nobody wants to take their beautiful Peruvian hair extension out. That thing cost a lot! But then again, that’s the point! Because your hair probably cost you a lot, you wouldn’t want to send it to ruins by overusing or maltreating your Peruvian virgin hair. Hence, the need to take it out every now and then to take proper care of it, and for safekeeping until its glamorous services are required again in the future.

Virgin hair

To unhinge or take out virgin hair extensions including Peruvian hair bundles, we recommend two methods.

Option 1: Visit your hairdresser.

Option 2: Do it yourself.

But chances are that option 1 might set you back a few hundred dollars – especially when your hairdresser is not your friend Becky with the good hair! Now, option 2, on the other hand, which is why you’re here reading this right now, is free. And while you would have to buy a few supplies, in the long run, it is a more cost-effective option compared to visiting the salon. This is where we come in!In this blog post, we would be teaching you how to take your Peruvian virgin hair extensions out.Let’s get started with some supplies.

Supplies required to take peruvian virgin hair extensions out

Firstly,you need a mirror. This is technically a no-brainer because you don’t have eyes at the back of your head. And yes, you need more than just a hand mirror because you’ll need both hands to work on your hair.Secondly, a fine-tooth comb to create paths where necessary and deal with tangles.Also need hairdressing scissors and super hair bond removerGot these?Now, let’s get started!

Taking out peruvian hair extensions by yourself

Position the mirror, place your mirror in a resting position against the wall. This keeps your hands free and helps you work around the hair.

Working the seam,the seam is a professional term for the positions where your Peruvian hair extension or any other hair bundle are glued or sewed in to your natural hair. If your Peruvian hair was glued in, here’s how to work the seam. Take the seam in one hand and apply an effective super hair bond remover with the spare hand.Give it some time (about 30 seconds) then gently comb down from your natural hair into your Peruvian extensions while slightly tugging at it. Repeat a few times and you’ll see your Peruvian virgin hair come off safely.Now if your Peruvian virgin hair was sewed in, there would be no need for bond remover, the scissors will come to play this time. Here’s what you should do.Take the seam in one hand and with the help of the mirror spot the threads holding the bundle in place. Use the spare hand to cut the connecting threads. And once again, comb down gently while slightly tugging at the bundle until they come off. It’s not uncommon to miss a few connecting threads, just go over the process as many times as required.But remember, gently and slightly!

A few tips to keep in mind when removing peruvian hair extensions

Always tug at hair bundle gently to prevent yanking some of your natural hair off.

For sewn wefts, start from the more visible and obvious threads. As you move on with it, they all become more obvious.

The quantity of bond remover applicable depends on how long your Peruvian hair has been glued for. You might need a lot more, but of course not at once. If three drops do not get it off at first, don’t splurge and use 30 drops, just simply repeat the process.

There you go with all the help you need to take your Peruvian hair extensions out by yourself. Share this blog with your friends, they’ll need it too.