How to maintain deep wave headband wigs?
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How to maintain deep wave headband wigs?

Deep wave headband wigs are the ideal option for wig beginners who searching for a thick and quick wig. Cause deep wave headband wig perfectly combines the benefits of bomb hairstyle and convenience of headband wig. Deep wave wigs come with smooth wave patterns that are much deeper than body waves but looser than kinky curls.

Features of deep wave headband wig:

  • - Easy to manage, no lace no glue
  • - Beginners friendly
  • - Ready to go in a second
  • - Full protective style with no leave out
  • - Versatile in styling
  • - Natural-looking on African American women
  • - Volume and bouncy appearance
  • - Lower maintenance
  • - Comfortable for wearing
  • deep wave headband wig

How to maintain a deep wave headband wig?

The curly headband wig commonly requires you to pay more time to keep its pattern, while the deep wave headband wig is relatively easier to maintain. If you pick a wet and wavy headband wig from Elfin Hair, you will find it pretty magical and super easy to curl, cause you just need to spray a small amount of water to the headband wig, it will restore its shine deep wave patterns in a few seconds and just looks like your new deep wave wig. So how to maintain a deep wave headband wig? Now let us share some tips.

Tip 1: Pick a high-quality deep wave headband wig

A high-quality human hair headband wig takes fewer your time and effort to maintain its texture and shape. Welcome to explore affordable and high-quality human hair wigs from Elfin Hair.

Tip 2: Choose a mild Curl Shampoo for wavy hair

To shampoo your deep wave headband wig correctly is pretty important to maintain its wavy pattern. First of all, picking a mild Curl Shampoo is a good idea to maintain the deep wave headband wig. 

Tip 3: Avoid washing your wavy headband wig frequently

The more frequently you wash your wig the faster disappears its wavy pattern. To shampoo your deep wave headband wig once a week is enough.

Tip 4: Make a deep condition regularly

Making a deep condition can help to prolong the lifespan of the wig and maintain its bouncy and shininess.

Tip 5: Properly brush your deep wave headband wig

We don't recommend you brush your deep wave wig with a paddle brush. We suggest you use a wide-tooth comb or just use your fingers to manage and style the wavy wig.

Tip 6: Let your wavy wig air dry or blow it at a low temperature

If you blow your human hair headband wig at a high temperature frequently, the texture of the wig may be dry and fragile. We suggest you let your wig air dry at a mannequin head after washing. Or you can blow it at a low temperature, and it'll be better if you can curl the hair strands with your fingers while blowing a wavy wig.

Tip 7: Remove your wavy headband wig when sleeping

The rub of pillows and sheets can ruin the natural gloss of your deep wave. So it's suggested to remove your wig from your head and set it on a mannequin head before going to bed. 

Best human hair deep wave hair headband wigs

Welcome to explore the best wigs for African American hair at Elfin Hair. Elfin Hair wholesales and retails all types of high-quality human hair wigs, all Elfin Hair headband wigs are made with 100% virgin hair, soft, smooth, with a natural shine, both natural in appearance and touches. You can choose from deep wave headband wigs, curly headband wigs, deep wave headband wigs, straight headband wigs, bob headband wigs, etc. Multiple textures, hairstyles, lengths, colors are optional. Besides, Elfin Hair also offers custom service, if you need to custom your own wig, feel free to chat with our consultant online.

Elfin Hair headband wig looks and feels the same as your real hair since Elfin only features 100% human virgin hair during the process of human hair wigs (cut from one donor, come with intact cuticles flowing in one direction, with full and healthy end, no grey hair, no tangling). All Elfin hair headband wig is easy to handle and can be heated, dyed, bleached, premed as you like.


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