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All About 613 Wigs | Elfin Hair

A wig that fits you can help to boost your charm and confidence. The wig is now a necessary item for most women. There are more and more different types of wigs for us to choose from. And the 613 wig is one of the most popular choices. Cause 613 hair is in an extra-light blonde color, which can be recolored to any color you like. Only high-grade virgin hair can be processed to 613 hair.

What color is 613

613 color is a light blond color used to dye hairs. 613 wig is a wig in a light blond color that has been processed and can be recolored to all colors without bleach procession. This is the most obvious benefit of the 613 blonde hair. 

Why choose a 613 wig

613 Hair is especially suitable for women who prefer to change their hair color frequently or who prefer to change their hair color into a light color without bleach procession. It's a time-saving option, you don't need to bleach, all you need to do is that choose the color you like to dye.

Variety of colors

The most obvious advantage of the 613 blonde wigs is that it does not need to be bleached. Perfect choice for those who prefer light-colored hair. With a 613 wig and there will be a variety of colors for you to choose from, cause the 613 hair has been bleached. It eliminates the bleach procession. 

Extraordinary appearance

613 Hair allows you to color and perm to any color and any hairstyles you like. With a 613 wig, you get plenty of possibilities. With a 613 wig, you are allowed to try different styles you tend to try. With the unlimited possibilities, 613 wigs can bring an extraordinary visual effect to your look. 

How to tone 613 wig

Browse the video below and see how she tone her 613 wig into a fantastic wig.

How to care for your 613 hair

As we all know that the 613 hair is bleaching hair, which needs to pay more attention to take care of it. The 613 hair may be a little bit drier than other regular bundles, we suggest our customers deep condition the 613 hair once a week to maintain its shininess, softness, and bouncy so that to lengthen the longevity of the 613 hair.

Best 613 wigs and 613 bundles at Elfin Hair

Elfin Hair has a large collection of 613 bundles and 613 wigs, you can choose from blonde straight, body wave, deep wave, etc, we have covered 613 wigs and 613 bundles, and 613 bundles with matching closure. We have got you covered.

Explore the following top-selling 613 hair at Elfin Hair:

613 Bob wig
613 bob wig

Bob wigs can flatter almost all face shapes, especially suitable for diamond face shape and square face shape. If you are searching for a human hair wig that will never go wrong and is suitable for all occasions, you can't miss our human hair bob wig, made with 100% human hair, with no shedding no tangling, need seldom time to take care of. This lovely 613 bob wig can bring you unlimited possibilities and can boost your charm to a new level.

613 Bob with bangs
613 bob with bangs

The second on the list is that this 613 bob with bangs, perfectly flatter to all face shapes, a never-go-wrong option, especially suitable for African American women to style to different looks. This 613 bob with bangs is an ideal option for those who suffer from hairline shifted back.

613 With brown roots
613 with brown roots

Many African-American women may worry that blonde hair looks unnatural on their black skin. If you have the same confusion, 613 hair with brown roots will be your best friend. 613 bob with brown roots can bring you a natural and noble visual effect.

613 Ombre wig
613 ombre wig

Don't miss this dreamy 613 ombre wig with realistic fake scalp and hairline, suitable for daily use, dating, theme party, etc. This ombre 613 wig can flatter all skin tones, one of the most popular wigs among the foremost now. 613 Ombre hair is no longer limited to be just one color. Pick an affordable 613 ombre wig at Elfin Hair to make a head-turning look that will not be unnoticed without breaking the bank.


Elfin Hair offers high-quality 613 hair at an affordable price. Explore our collection of 613 bundles, all made with 100% human hair, soft, shiny with no tangling no smell, and easy to use. Choose from 613 Brazilian hair, blonde Peruvian hair, Malaysian blonde hair, 613 bundles with closure, etc. Shop 613 hair with fast delivery and free shipping at Elfin Hair.