African American Wigs VS Virgin Hair Bundles, Choose Which one?
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African American Wigs VS Virgin Hair Bundles, Choose Which one?

African American Wigs VS Virgin Hair Bundles, Choose Which one?

Hair is a very vital part of most women’s lives and African American women are not left out. Due to the hair texture of African American women which makes their natural hair hard to tame, African American wigs, Lace front human hair wigs and Virgin hair bundles have been a part of their life for as long as they can remember.

They buy a lot of African American wigs and virgin hair bundles so they can change their appearance and achieve certain looks. While these two options are great for African American women, they are not the same, this makes it hard to make a decision when you need to buy just one.

Here are some details on both options that would help you make a solid decision;

African American Wigs

African American Wigs. The African American wigs and Lace front wigs have evolved over the years and now they look more natural. It can be styled in various ways and can even pass for your natural hair since it covers every inch of your scalp. Here are some advantages and disadvantage of African American wigs you need to know about;

Advantages: You can change your look in minutes. Can be worn easily, without help. Protects your natural hair from damage and heat styling.

Disadvantages: They can easily fall off unlike sewn in virgin hair bundles. It requires customization. They can not be worn in all occasions ( e.g. For a run). It has to be worn again every morning.

lace front human hair wigs

Virgin Hair Bundles. Virgin Hair bundles or weave are a woman's second option when it comes to changing her looks. While it isn’t worn like a cap it has wefts that are sewn to an already woven hair. Virgin hair bundles make it easy to look a certain way by picking what colour or style you want and installing it. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of Virgin hair bundles you need to know about;

Advantages: It can be worn for every occasion and activity, even for a rigorous gym session. Does not need to be resewn every morning. Does not come off easily because it is properly sewn to the natural braided hair. Protects the natural hair from heat styling. Last for a long time before it needs to be resewn.

Disadvantages: You need to braid your hair and sew in the bundles every once in a while (at least 6 weeks). They do not look as natural as African American wigs. Does not allow fast and easy change of looks. Your hair cannot be treated or washed until the bundles come off. If you do not invest in hair closures, the part of your hair exposed can be damaged.

Conclusion: The African American Wigs and Virgin Hair bundles are great hair options. They both have some good advantages, why you should choose them and disadvantages that suggest otherwise. To choose the best one for you, you need to think about what you want and your lifestyle. Some people can bear to sit a while to change their looks while others just want an easy fix, with this you already who which hair option to choose.