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360 Lace Wig VS Full Lace Wig

Lace wigs can help you achieve almost any look you want, they're easy, fun, and offer a lot of versatility. But do you know the difference between a 360 wig and a full lace wig? Which one is better for you, a full lace wig or a 360 wig?


The full lace wig is exactly what it sounds like, it is a full lace so its hair is all released from a full lace to cover your whole head, and the lace part of the 360 lace wig (also named 360 lace front wig, 360 front wig, and 360 wig) just covers the perimeter of your head. 

360 Lace Wig VS Full Lace Wig

What is the difference between the 360 frontal and full lace wig?

· Wig Cap Construction: The biggest difference between 360 frontal lace wigs and the full lace wigs is the cap construction. The full lace wig is a total hand-knotted lace cap in the interior. The 360 lace front wig is a wig with a circle lace around the head. And in the middle of the top is a piece of high stretch machine-made wig cap.

· Hair Density: Most full lace wigs come at a 130 percent density. Once you get the full lace wig and you cannot make it any thicker than that, so if you're the type of person that wants to have very full hair you should probably go with the 360 lace frontal so you can add as many bundles as you like. So if you want a natural look, a full lace wig is an option with natural density, if you want to make it fuller by adding more bundles, choose 360 frontal.

· Hairstyle Versatility: With the full lace wig, you have the option to do all versatile partings, you can part the hair in the middle, on the side, you can part across the hairline, you can part down the middle, and you can do cornrow braids that's just how versatile they are and of course, you can do the different ponytails and all of that other hairstyles. With a 360 frontal, most of the time your parting hair will just be on your hairline and then of course the ponytail that everyone loves to do. 

· Sizes: With a full lace wig, the sizes are optional, whether your head is small, medium, or large, the hair vendor will give a chart with the kind of universal set of measurements that you can just measure your head and then choose which size is suitable for you. With a 360 frontal, however, it is more in one size that fits all. And only because it is one size fits all and you can simply just cut the back and stitch it back together to fit your head.

· Breathability: Full lace wig is completely made of breathable lace materials, this makes that the full lace wig is a more breathable option than the 360 wig.

· Price: Cause full lace wigs are more versatile and made of more hand-made lace materials, a full lace wig is commonly more expensive than a 360 lace wig.

Which fits you more, a full lace wig or a 360 wig? 

First, you want to think about the thickness. How thick do you want your hair to be? With 360 wigs you can add bundles to create a more full look, and when you are choosing a full lace wig, you should pay more attention to its density, so that you can find out a wig that fits you.

And then the next point you need to take into considering list is that what hairstyle do you want? The full lace wig provides the most versatile option of parting your hair anywhere you like and the ability to put your hair in a ponytail. If you're just looking to be able to be styled into a braid or a high or low ponytail just simply go with the 360 frontal. If you're looking for maximum versatility or to do all of that with the cornrows and the two braids then choose the full lace wig.

The coming point is the lace color. Lace colors usually come in two options: translucent and brown. If you have lighter skin, the translucent may be best for you. If you have deeper skin color, the brown option can match your scalp to a greater degree.

The final but most important is that your budget. A full lace wig is commonly more expensive than a 360 lace wig.

We hope that this article can help you get the difference between the full lace wig and the 360 wig, and if you still have confusion about how to choose a wig that fits you best, we're able to give you more details, feel free to reach us.