How Long Does A Human Hair Lace Front Wig Last?
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How long does a human hair lace front wig last?

If you have already got a lace front wig, you may be wondering how long your frontal wig can last and how long you can keep your wig on. Keep reading, we are going to share all the secrets of lace front wig with you. 

How long can you keep a lace front wig on?

A lace front wig can be on one's head for 2-4 weeks. If you need to wear your lace front wig for a longer time, you'd better choose a long-term adhesive and wash your natural hair underneath the wig regularly. In this way, you can keep a lace front wig on for about 6 weeks

We suggest you remove the wig away from your head at night and let your scalp breathe freely as possible. 

How long does a human hair lace front wig last?

A high-quality human hair wig can be last about 12 months at least with correct care. 

Elfin Hair offers the best human hair lace front wigs, made with 100% human hair, bouncy, healthy, silky, with a natural shine, tangle-free, and can be last for a long time. Welcome to shop Elfin's lace front wig human hair online, all at a favorable price.

What factors can impact the lifespan of the lace front wig?

There are many factors that can influence the human hair lace front wigs' lifespan. 

1. The lace material: 

There are two types of lace for wigs: French lace and Swiss lace. The Swiss lace wig is well known for its softness, breathability, but the French lace wig is harder and has a longer lifespan than the Swiss lace wig. Click and read more detail about the differences between Swiss lace and French lace.

2. The hair color and hairstyle:

Colored human hair wigs commonly need more treatment than natural black human hair wigs during their process. Dye, perm, and bleach a wig can impact its lifespan.

3. The hair texture:

100% human hair wig has a long lifespan than those wigs that are not made with 100% human hair.

4. The way how you maintain your wig:

Actually, how long does a human hair wig lasts depends much more on how you maintain it. If you need more tips, click and read our previous guide: How To Maintain Your Straight Virgin Brazilian Bundles?


How to prolong the lifespan of the frontal wig human hair?

Tip 1: Avoid wearing a wig at night. 

Remove your wig before going to bed. Put the wig sit on a wig stand when you go to bed. In this way, you can not only let your natural scalp breathe freely at night but also keep your wig from being fizzed and tangled. Cause you may rub the wig if you go to bed with your wig, this may damage its cuticles.

Tip 2: Make a deep condition regularly.

After you finish washing the wig, apply a deep conditioner to the wig or hair bundles, and let the hair conditioner sit for more than 30 minutes before rinsing it. In this way, the softness and shine of the human hair can be maximum retention.

Tip 3: Apply a natural oil to moisturize the wig.

Since the hair of wigs is not growing from your natural scalp, so your wig can't produce oil to nourish the hair strands. We need to add natural oil to moisturize the wig regularly. Both coconut oil and Moroccan oil are available to moisturize your hair, pick a natural hair oil you like.

Tip 4: Avoid excessive perm, bleach, dye your wig.

Cause the wig hair is not growing from your scalp, it can't make a self-repair, once you bring too much damage to it, you may ruin the wig. Although a high-quality human hair wig allows you to restyle as your real hair, the excessive use of heat tools can damage its cuticles.


If you are wondering how to revive your stiff wig, you click and read our previous guide about how to soften your wig and how to style your wig with no damage.


The human hair lace front wig is well-known for its comfort, easy-to-wear, versatility, breathability, and longevity. It's one of the most popular wigs for black women's wardrobes. There are so many types of human hair lace front wigs at Elfin Hair: HD lace front wigs, Transparent lace front wigs, blonde lace front wigs, curly lace front wigs, bob lace front wigs, etc. No matter what face shape you have or what skin tone you are in, you can find a human hair lace front wig that flatter you.


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