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Double Drawn Hair Vs. Single Drawn Hair

There are multifarious hair extensions for your choice, such as virgin hair, Remy hair, sew-in hair, tape-in hair, clip-in hair, single-drawn hair, double drawn hair, etc. It's really dazzling when it comes to which type of hair is better, especially for those new to the wig game.

Here in this post, we are going to explain what exactly double-drawn hair is, and what it differs from single-drawn hair. And double-drawn hair vs single-drawn hair, which should you choose? If you are struggling between these two hair extensions, just keep scrolling. This post will help you find the most suitable hair extensions for you.
double drawn wig thick ends

What Are Double-Drawn Hair Extensions?

Double-drawn hair means that the shorter hair has been removed and only the same length of hair is left before the workers stitch the hair into a weft. During this process, hair is operated by hand instead of a machine, so double-drawn hair is more expensive than single-drawn hair. But double-drawn hair is worth investing in. Double-drawn hair can not only provide a thicker and fuller hair look but also last longer than single-drawn hair.

What Are Single Drawn Hair Extensions?

Single-drawn hair is common in the market. Single-drawn hair replicates the appearance of real hair which is thicker at the roots and naturally thinning near the tips. This type of hair is ideal for those who desire a natural effect. Since single-drawn hair reduces the manual hair selection process, it is more wallet-friendly than double-drawn hair.
double drawn hair vs single drawn hair

Double Drawn Hair Vs. Single Drawn Hair Extensions

  • Length and volume: Double-drawn hair extensions are arranged in the same length and volume from roots to tips. Single-drawn hair extensions contain some short hairs, naturally thinning toward the tips.
  • Hair ends: The tips of single-drawn hair are thinner than the roots, imitating the appearance of natural-born hair. While double-drawn hair is the same length from roots to tips. The hair ends of double-drawn hair extensions are thick and typically neat.
  • Hair Quality: Both single-drawn hair and double-drawn hair in Elfin Hair are made with 100% virgin hair. No matter which type of hair you choose from Elfin Hair, it's quality-guaranteed. But double-drawn hair extensions are typically considered a higher quality hair type. It typically lasts longer and is more durable than single-drawn hair extensions.
  • Hair Source: A single-drawn hair weft can be sourced from one donor or several donors. In contrast, a double-drawn hair weft is always collected from multiple donors. Cause only the same length hair strands can be selected and stitched into a weft. And to ensure a thick and voluminous appearance, hair from one donor is not enough. Double-drawn hair has to be collected from multiple benefactors. 
  • Price: During the process of double-drawn hair, time and manual labor is required to select quality hair of the same length from multiple donors. Single-drawn hair is easier to process. Thus double-drawn hair is typically more expensive than single-drawn hair.
double drawn hair extensions

Choosing which type of hair extensions to get depends more on your personal preference and budget. 

If you desire a very full hair look, double-drawn hair is right for you. 

If you desire natural and affordable hair extensions, single-drawn hair is a suitable choice. 

If you opt for double-hair extensions, you will pay more, but not only will you get fuller and thicker hair, but the quality and duration also far exceed single-drawn hair.

Where To Buy Double-Drawn Hair Extensions?

Elfin Hair launches high-quality double-drawn hair extension selections. Wigs and hair extensions in this double-drawn collection have shorter hair removed by hand instead of a machine, and then the hair is individually stitched in a weft. These hair extensions and wigs have the same volume and thickness from top to bottom. They are thicker and fuller than single-drawn hair. It's an ideal option for those who desire a very thick and smooth hair look from the roots to the tips. 

Explore high-quality double-drawn hair extensions and double-drawn wigs at Elfin Hair. All our hair extensions and wigs are made of 100% human hair, soft, silky, and natural in appearance and touch.

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