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Processed hair Vs. Unprocessed hair 

Processed hair Vs. Unprocessed hair 

Does your hair weave start to get tangled and frizzy after several washes? That's probably you buy the overly processed hair weave! We all know that unprocessed hair is a better choice than the processed hair. But what's the meaning of processed hair exactly? Why does it easily get tangled? How to tell between processed hair and unprocessed hair? Now, let's get started.
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What is processed hair?

Processed hair is that hair has been chemically processed during its production to achieve a silky texture. This type of hair has been soaked in a highly acid bath to remove its cuticle and then coated in silicone to make it feels silky. 

Usually, in the first few days, this processed hair looks natural and shiny and has a silky and soft touch. It's hard for someone to tell the differences between processed hair and unprocessed hair with naked eyes. But after the first wash, the silicone on its surface starts to wear off, it feels more like a brillo pad. 

What is unprocessed hair?

Unprocessed hair is virgin hair that hasn't been any chemical treatment. It's collected from one donor, with intact cuticles following in the same direction. this type of hair hasn't been dyed, bleached, curled, or straightened. It comes in a soft and silky texture and looks natural and shiny. By the way, virgin hair collected from different countries has different textures. 

  • Unprocessed hair has a longer lifespan than processed hair. 
  • Unprocessed hair is more versatile in styling. It allows you to restyle it as your natural hair.
  • Unprocessed hair is also more manageable, as it's healthy hair directly collected from one donor.
  • Unprocessed hair is typically more expensive. Cause it's not easy to source virgin hair. But it's also a cost-effective option since so many advantages it brings.
  • processed hair vs. unprocessed hair

Processed hair vs. unprocessed hair, how to distinguish?

It's hard to tell between processed hair and unprocessed hair with naked eyes even for a pro. Here are some skills to tell if the hair weave you buy is made of unprocessed hair or not:

1. Observe

Unprocessed hair is 100% natural hair that is directly collected from one donor. As we all know that our natural hair isn't unified from root to tip, it has a delicate change in color. The color of unprocessed Brazilian hair should range from shades of brown to black. If your unprocessed hair comes in an unnatural unified jet black, it may be not 100% unprocessed hair.

2. Touch

Run your finger and thumb down the hair strands from roots to the tips, you will feel smooth. Oppositely, if you run your finger upward the hair strands from the tips to the roots, you will feel rough. If you can't feel this change, your hair weave may be processed hair, cause the cuticles have been removed.

3. Smell

Real unprocessed hair shouldn't have a bad smell. If your hair weave smells like a bunch of chemicals, you should have your answers.

4. Restyle by heat tooling

Pull out a small section of hair and try to curl it, if you smell like burnt chemicals, your hair weave may not be 100% unprocessed.

5. Wash

Wet your hair weave and apply a mild shampoo to wash your hair weave, rub gently. If it starts to get rough, you have your answer.

Where to buy 100% unprocessed hair?

Elfin hair provides numerous human hair weaves and human hair wigs in different densities, lengths, colors, and textures. From coarse and thick Peruvian hair, soft Malaysian hair, to bouncy Brazilian hair, Elfin Hair has got you covered. All our products are made with 100% unprocessed virgin hair. All our human hair wigs and weaves can last for a long time, with no shedding or matting, and can be colored, cured, or straighten as you desire. 

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