Know All About Lace Closure to Know If It Is Suitable for You
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Know All About Lace Closure to Know If It Is Suitable for You

We know how hard it is to dig up the exact info you are looking for, before purchasing something. If that has just happened to you when searching for lace closures, stay here and keep scrolling. 

Elfin hair, with the help of their experts, has brought easy information all about closures. In this blog, you will know what closure is, its types, and the differences between closure types.
lace closure with bundles

1. What Is Lace Closure?

The closure is a hairpiece in which synthetic, or any kind of human hair is attached to the piece of lace fabric, which is netted and transparent and usually in nude color. Traditionally, closures, depending on their lace size, cover a part of the head, not the whole head, because it does not have any wig cap part. However, to apply closure, women do DIY, use sew-in methods, or glue them down. 

One more thing, girls want to know why closure is called closure. Here is a straight answer. Because it closes off the top of your head. 

You can install lace closure on the middle or sides of the head. 

2. Types of Lace Closure Depending on Size:

The topic name sounds like it is going to be technical. But we will straightforwardly explain the point explanations. So, don't stop here. Get more knowledge to find which size and closure lace type can work the best for you.

2.1 4x4 Lace Closure

It is the most common type of closure used by expert wig wearers and beginners. However, even stylists recommend 4x4 closure to those who just started wearing wigs. 4x4 means that the lace on which hair is attached is 4 inches long and 4 inches wide. In other words, the lace in the closure is 4 inches up and down and 4 inches across. 

2.2 5x5 Lace Closure: 

In 5x5 lace closure, the hair is attached to a lace that is 5 inches long and 5 inches wide. In more clear words, the 5x5 closure's lace is 5 inches vertical and 5 inches horizontal. This closure became the favorite of many ladies who have mastered applying 4x4 lace closure. The reason is it allows more parting space, and you can have various braids hairstyles remaining on lace. 

2.3 2x4 Lace Closure:

In 2x4 lace closure, there will be 2 inches width and 4 inches length that will sit on your hairline and reach the mid of the head. This closure type is not recommended for beginners because installing the smaller width lace closure will be difficult. However, it is suitable for ladies who have receding hairlines when they create a partition. 

2.4 2x6 Lace Closure:

2x6 Lace closure is popular especially for bob wigs, lace front wigs and closure wigs. It can help to create a natural long middle part and is easier for beginners to maintain.
2x6 lace closure

3. Types of Closures Depending on Material:

The material used in lace closure on which hair is tied can be different.

3.1 Lace Base: 

Netted material used in the closure can be swiss, brown, HD, and transparent. All of them are good, but American-African women mostly use Swiss lace, which has a medium brown color, and transparent lace, which has no color, because it melts in the skin very best. According to them, HD lace has amazing results but is high priced, and brown lace may have an ashy reflection on some heads.

3.2 Silk Base:

This type of closure has a piece of fabric sewn-in, built-in to the lace closure. Silk base closure is not transparent because of the fabric. It always shows you the nude color in the partition line whenever you part it when applying. 
lace closure wig

4. Types of Closures, Depending on Style

Here are four styles that lace, and silk base closures offer. Free part, middle part, side part, and three-part. One can select according to their preferences. A clever tip is to purchase a single part or free part closure, then change its partition by using hot comb and styling gels.

5. Why Choose a Lace Closure?

Here are some reasons for which you should choose to wear a lace closure. 

5.1 Natural Install: 

Either swiss lace, transparent lace, or HD lace, lace closure blends in the skin very well. Therefore, when one wears it perfectly, it gives the illusion that hair is coming out of the scalp's skin. Moreover, as a small piece of lace shows on the front hairline, beginners can also apply it perfectly. 

5.2 Protect Leave-outs: 

If you are a woman with damaged or dry-out leave-outs, then lace closures are best. It is a solution for you that keeps you away from using heating styling or manipulating your leave-outs. 

5.3 Protective Style:

If you braid, twist out your hair underneath a stocking wig cap, and install lace closure, it will save hair from the everyday usage of styling tools and styling products. Hence, this way, your hair stays unharmed.

5.4 Comfortable in Wearing:

Traditionally, women also wear lace wigs for changing up looks, but it makes the scalp itchy. It is not the case with closure because it has no wig cap. So, the wearer will feel no itchiness and suffocation. Instead, it will be comfortable wearing.

6. Silk Base Vs. Lace Closure

6.1 Lifespan:

As you read above, there is a netted material to which hair is attached in the lace closure. And in silk base closure, there is a piece of fabric sewn-in to which hair is attached. So, silk base closure generally has a longer lifespan than lace base closure. 

6.2 Knots: 

Usually, closure comes with unbleached knots. So, this process you need to do on your own. While with silk base closure, you don't need to do such a thing.

6.3 See-through:

Some women think that the more see-through a lace, the more realistic it will look. But some lace colors do not match your skin, so you need the hassle of applying make to match and blend into your skin. 

There is a lace type of material with a piece of fabric included in a silk base closure. Its color is like a cream color that perfectly matches the scalp color. It's not see-through. The wearer does not need to apply makeup. However, women with a rich chocolate complexion do find lace base closure friendly. 

That's all about the closure in very detailed and easy. Hope you liked it. If there are questions, please write a comment; we will try to answer questions in the best possible way. 

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