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How to make a u-part wig? 

The U-part wig comes with a u-shaped opening on the parting area, which allows you to leave out your natural hair to make a natural-looking finish. U part wig is beloved by tons of black women due to its convenience and natural-looking. It's friendly for beginners and lazy girls. Have you ever tried these lovely u-part wigs? Welcome to explore cheap human hair u part wigs at Elfin Hair. From the voluminous kinky curly u part wigs to all-matching-u part bob wigs, Elfin Hair has got you covered. Of course, if you already have some idle human hair bundles at home, you can try to make a u-part wig by yourself. It's pretty easy to handle.

How to make a u-part wig? (sewing method)

In this part, we are gonna share with you how to make a u-part wig by sewing, in this way, u part wig is more durable and can last for a long time. Of course, you can choose to make a u-part wig by gluing. Click and get more details about it in our previous post: How to make side part quick weaves?

Here are the main tools you need to prepare before starting this small project:

A soft tape

A wig cap;

White chalk;

A mannequin head;

Some t-pins;

Thread and needle (pick a thread color that matches the wig cap); 

A pair of scissors

Wig combs

2-3 Human hair bundles (the number of bundles is determined by the density and volume you desired).

Step 1: Measure your head size and choose a wig cap that fits you.

Place the soft tape flat against your forehead at your hairline and wrap it around your head to know your head circumference. And then measure the length and width of the leave out. Choose a wig cap that fits you according to your head size.

Step 2: Pin the wig cap and mark the parting area.

Use t-pins to fix the wig cap on the mannequin head and use white chalk to draw the parting area you planning to cut according to the data you just got.

Step 3: Sew-in weaves

The first row should be along the middle edges of the cap (ear to ear). Attach human hair weave with a double knot into the wig cap and go ahead to sew in the first row. Flip it over when you reach the end and start to sew the second row. The new row should be starting at 0.5-1 cm above the first row. Go ahead and work your way from one side of the wig cap to the other, bottom to top, until you already reach the edges of your leave-out part (about 0.5-1 cm away from the drawn part), stop. Sew in the same way on the bottom half of the wig, until a full head sew-in is finished.

Step 4: Cut the U shape opening and sew the last row along the cut edge

Use the scissors to cut along the drawn u-part carefully. Anchor the last weft onto the wig cap with a double knot and sew it along the cut edge. Go ahead until you reach the opposite end, make a double knot to fix the hair weft. Finally, cut the weft.

Step 5: Sew combs into the wig cap

Turn the wig cap inside out. Sew the combs to each side of the part, and then sew two combs onto the nape of the wig. 

Step 6: Style the wig

U part wig human hair allows you to bleach, perm, and dye, you can choose to straighten or curl the wig to make its pattern close to your natural hair. 

Where to buy cheap human hair weaves and u-part wigs?

Elfin Hair offers high-quality human hair weaves and u part wigs at an affordable price. Get 100% human hair bundles and u part wigs at Elfin Hair with fast & free shipping. Discover the largest selection of human hair weaves and u part wigs available in a variety of hairstyles, densities, sizes, and lengths. 

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