How To Stop The Lace Wig From Lifting?
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How to stop the lace wig from lifting?

Lace front wigs now are almost a necessary item in black women's wardrobe. It can bring a plump and volume look instantly. But a lifting lace wig can damage your look. Have you ever fussed about the lifting lace wig getting? Never mind. In this post, we are gonna share with you how to fix your lifted lace wig and tips to prevent your lace wig from getting lifted.

To solve this problem thoroughly, we need to start from the very base. Why does your wig get lifting?

Why does your lace wig get lifting?

Here are some common reasons why your lace wig gets lifting:

  1. The wig glue is not enough or is not water-resistant.
  2. Some water or oil-based products get onto the edges of the wig.

How to fix a lifted lace wig?

Now let's follow up to fix your lifted lace closure or lace wig. Before we start this small project, you need to prepare a bottle of alcohol, some cotton swabs/ cotton balls, and a water-resistant wig glue.

Step 1: Remove the loosened glue

Dap some alcohol on the cotton swabs and then slightly raise the lifted lace sheer up and use the cotton swabs to wipe the alcohol along the hairline to loosen the glue. Continue to wipe until all the glue is coming off. And then use your finger to separate the wig cap from the wig.

Step 2: Apply wig glue

Raise the loosened lace front and apply a dime-sized amount of wig glue on your finger and wipe along the hairline under the lace front of the wig. Let the glue sit for a few seconds, apply the next layer of glue on your skin along the hairline.

Step 3: Press down the lace front

When you feel the second layer of glue is tacky, press the lace front down on the front skin near the hairline and hold for a few minutes so that the lace front can melt into your skin.

Step 4: blow it dry

Blow it dry by a hairdryer on ice to let the lace stick firmly along the hairline. 

How to avoid a lace wig getting lifting?

Tip 1: Ensure that your skin is completely dry (no sweat no oil) while installing a lace wig or lace closure. We suggest you spray and wipe some alcohol before gluing down the lace front, it can help to remove oil from your skin.

Tip 2: If you sweat often, you'd better pick a water-resistant glue before installing a lace wig or a lace closure. 

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