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1B Vs. 2 Hair Color, Which is better for you?

Wigs are now almost a necessity in women's cabinets. There are various colors and textures of wigs for you to choose from in the market. Even if you just desire a natural black hair color you may even get lost. Since there are also several types of black shades in the wig game. 1B, 1 and 2 hair color are the most confusing hair color for beginners. They look so close in the images.

What is 1b hair color?

1B hair color refers to the most natural black hair color, also known as off-black. If you are simply searching for natural black hair color, 1b hair color should always be your first choice. This hair shade has a slight color variation sometimes grey to black, sometimes brown to black. Since it's 100% real human hair, the closest hair color to natural black virgin hair. What's more, 1b hair is usually unprocessed, which is stronger and more durable than other colored hair.
1b HD  Lace wig free shipping

What is 2 hair color?

2 Hair color is the darkest brown hair you can find on human hair. It looks black at the first glance but up close, you will see its brown undertone. Especially under the sunshine, its brown shade is more conspicuous. This hair color also looks natural but is more stylish and unique. 
#2 hair color

What is 1 hair color?

1 Hair color is jet black. It's the darkest black you can find in human hair. Typically, 1 hair color is not as natural as 1b hair color. Since it's dyed deep dark, it can be easily noticed at the first glance that it's a dyed black, not a natural black.
1b vs 2 hair color vs 1 hair color

What is the difference between 1b and 2 hair color?

1B hair color and 2 hair color look very alike under the indoor light, that's why so many people usually get confused with these two shades. But they do have some distinguishes:

  1. 1B hair color is darker than 2 hair color. Since 2 hair color is under the brown scheme while 1B is categorized into the black family.
  2. 1B hair is usually 100% unprocessed, while the 2 hair color is dyed. That's why 1b hair comes with very slight color variations just like your natural hair but 2 hair color doesn't. 
  3. Most of the time, 1b hair color is considered the closest hair color to unprocessed virgin hair. But also many black women have dark brown hair in South Africa which is closer to 2 hair color.
  4. Since 1b hair is usually unprocessed, it is typically healthier and stronger in texture.

What is the difference between 1b and 1 hair color?

1B hair color and 1 hair color are all under the black hair scheme, but they look very different. 

  1. 1 Hair color is much darker than 1b hair color. And 1b hair color looks more natural and can almost flatter all skin tones.
  2. And 1 hair color is dyed deep black, it looks uniform. While the 1b hair color generally comes with a natural color variation from grey to brown.
  3. 1b natural black HD lace wig

1B vs. 1 vs. 2 hair color, which is better for you?

If you desire the most natural illusion, 1b hair color is always the best choice. 1B hair is the closest hair to natural-born hair, it blends well with African American women's hair texture. It always works to give you the most natural hair look.

If you are searching for a hair texture that is healthier and stronger, the 1b hair should also be the safest choice. Usually, 1b hair color is a natural hair color, not a dyed hair color, which makes it more durable and last for a longer time than other colored hair.

Although 1 hair color typically looks not natural for daily wearing, it's a great choice for those who wanna achieve a vintage look way back to the 80s.

There are also plenty of black women who have dark brown hair as their natural-born hair. Go outside and observe your natural hair in the sun, if your hair looks black with a brown undertone, 2 hair color will be your best choice.

The best 1b hair at Elfin Hair

Elfin Hair provides various 1b hair. You can choose from different hairstyles, densities, textures, lengths, and so on. Our 1b hair all features 100% unprocessed hair, soft, sleek, thick, and bouncy, with a natural luster, and works to give you a natural blending look. Or you also explore the best highlights or ombre ideas of 1b hair at Elfin Hair.

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