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V part wig

Affordable glueless v part wigs human hair for sale at Elfin Hair! No lace, no glue, no sew-in, no leave out, these gorgeous human hair v part wigs allow you to expose your scalp for a premium natural looking. Besides, these glueless v part wigs are quicker to put on and take off every day. If you are a beginner that is searching for a trendy, versatile and affordable human hair wig, put the v part wig human hair on your list.

What is v-part wig?

As its name implies, the v part wig is that wig comes with a v shape opening on top of the front. V part wig is the first wig that allows you to wear your own real part/scalp with no leave out. It comes with no lace, so you don't need to apply any glue or adhesive while installation. The v part wig is clip-in, it comes with combs and clips inside the wig cap, so you don't need to worry about slide-off. It's an ideal option for those who like to be lazy and not do a whole lot. V part wig is becoming more and more

Benefits of v part wig

Versatile: With a v-part wig on, you can choose to with no leave out or just small strands left out to make a more natural and breathable finish. Besides, you can freely make a middle part or side part with a v part wig. What's more, 100% human hair v part wig allows you to dye, perm, bleach, highlight, straighten, or curl to any hairstyles you desired.

Affordable: Typically, a human hair v part wig is cheaper than other types of human hair lace wigs. Since it comes with no lace. But it provides the same natural-looking illusion.

Beginner-friendly: V part wig is beloved by more and more women and girls since its features include no lace, no glue, no sew-in, no braids, and so on. It's easy to install and take off every day, a no-skill needed wig. It's an ideal option for lazy girls and beginners.

protective style: Some may be concerned about if the v part wig can damage your natural hair. The direct and simple answer is "no". On the contrary, v part wig is a protective style. Since there is no glue needed while installing a v part wig. It's pretty suitable for those who have allergic scalp. Besides, with a v part wig on, you don't need to braid all your hair into cornrows, it's also suitable for those who have a weak hairline. What's more, the v part wig is easy to take off. Taking off the wig and letting your scalp breathe freely every night can protect your hairline and prevent hair loss.

How to wear a v part wig?

Method 1: No leave out

  • Step 1: Simple part your natural hair.
  • Step 2: Clip the wig on.
  • Step 3: Comb the wig to make it look natural, finish

Method 2: With minimal leave out:

  • Step 1: Take a little bit of hair to leave out
  • Step 2: Lay down your baby hair
  • Step 3: Clip the wig on and spray hair down 
  • Step 4: Curls or straighten the leave out to make your natural hair blend well to the wig, finish.

V part wigs vs. u part wigs, how to choose?

Both V part wigs and u part wigs are glueless, they are easy to install and take off at night. 

The most obvious difference between them is the wig cap construction. The U part wigs come with a u-shape opening while the v part wigs come with a v shape opening on the top. The difference in the construction makes them flatter to different people. U part wig allows you to leave out a lagger part of natural hair to blend with the wig, it's more suitable for those who have thick hair on the top. While the V part wig can flatter to those who have thin hair on the top. 

V part wigs vs. t part wigs, how to choose?

The t part wig comes with 13x5x1 lace sheer covers from ear to ear on the edges of the hairline and the middle of the parting space. It's also named 13x1 lace wig, which is similar to the 13x4 lace frontal wig. Since this special structure, it can offer a similar natural effect as the lace frontal wig, but it is more affordable.

The major con of t part wig is that you can't change up where it's parted. If you are searching for a more versatile no glue wig, a v-part wig human hair will be a perfect choice for you.