Which Virgin Hair Weave Should Choose For Summer?
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Which Virgin Hair Weave Should Choose For Summer?

Which Virgin Hair Weave Should Choose For Summer?

Summer is the season for fashion and fun--and your weave is no exception. Many people choose to change up their weave for the summer season, both for fashionable and practical reasons. In addition to wanting to change a weave to suit their summer style, many women choose weaves that are more practical for the hot and humid summer months. If you are unsure which unprocessed virgin hair to choose for this summer, consider the following tips that will help you make a decision.

Tip: Think about your typical summer style.

What type of style do you usually wear in the summer? Flirty, breezy summer dresses? Casual tops and fashionable shorts? Or something in between? The weave you choose should be one that suits your typical summer style. For instance, if your style is full of flouncy summer frills, you might want to choose a Malaysian virgin hair weave with some natural curl and bounce to it rather than a weave that is naturally straight.

Tip: Pick a weave with high quality virgin hair.

Using quality unprocessed virgin hair is always a great idea for weaves because it looks the most natural and can last the longest. However, it’s especially vital to use high quality unprocessed virgin hair for your summer weaves because of the hot weather can cause tangling and matting in weaves made with inferior quality hair or artificial fibers. High quality hair can mean the difference between a weave that looks great in the hot summer sun and a weave that ends up matted and damaged. A Malaysian hair weave is especially popular in the summer months for the its high quality, which can withstand some of the harsher summer weather.

Malaysian virgin hair

Tip: Make sure to consider your summer activities.

Whether you’re choosing Malaysian virgin hair or another hair source for your weave, you should always consider what you’ll be doing in the summer when choosing your weave for the summer. Do you like to swim--and if so, do you swim in unprocessed waters (lakes, oceans) or in pools with chlorine and other chemicals? Will you be staying out in the sun for long periods of time? As a general rule of thumb, you’ll need to make sure that your weave will be able to stand up to what you do in the summer. For example, if you love to swim, make sure you choose a weave that blends easily with your natural hair and hairline, so you won’t need to constantly check for hairline exposure.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a weave in the summer isn’t always easy. There are many different styles, hair sources, and level of quality to choose from. But as long as you make sure to pick a weave that suits your personal style, is high quality enough to handle the harshness of the hot summer, and is well-suited to the activities you prefer to enjoy in the summer, your summer weave is sure to shine through the entire season.