How long is 14-inch hair?
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How long is 14-inch hair?

It is worth noting that one of the factors that can be used to categorize hair is its length. One of them has a 14-inch hair length. But, there is one question on the lips of women just coming into the hair world: And that question is "how long is 14-inch hair?" To answer this question, 14-inch hair is exactly 14 inches or 35 centimeters long (we will discuss more of this in a bit). Read on to find out all there is to know about 14-inch hair.
weave length chart

What does 14-inch hair look like?

14-inch hair looks like any other type of hair, but the only difference is in its length. As the name implies, a 14-inch weave is exactly 14 inches or about 35 cm in length. When you wear 14-inch hair, the length will reach around your shoulders. Generally, the length of hair extensions ranges from 6 to 30 inches, with 30-inch extensions being the longest typically. Hence, 14-inch hair falls into the category of mid-length hair. This makes it suitable for women who do not like long hair.

There are different types and textures of 14-inch weaves. They include 14-inch straight hair, 14-inch curly hair, and so on. No matter the type or texture you go for, this weave will look beautiful on you. However, keep in mind that the texture of the hair will determine how long it will be. For instance, 14-inch straight hair will be a bit longer than 14-inch curly hair because of its texture.
14 inch wig 

Benefits of 14-inch wigs

Now, there are various lengths of wigs to choose from, and this might make you wonder why you should opt for a 14-inch wig. Well, here are some benefits of choosing a 14-inch wig:

Suitable for those that do not like long hair:

Long hair looks gorgeous on women, and this is why many people love to opt for it. Yet, some believe it gets in their way while working, yet they don't want short hair. So, they would like to exchange long hair for slightly shorter or mid-length hair. If you are in that category, then a 14-inch wig is here to rescue you. Because it is not too long or too short, it is suitable for those that want to ditch long hair but do not like short hair. 

It does not tangle easily:

Tangled hair is always a mess and makes you feel whiny when you wear it. And one of the drawbacks of buying a long wig, such as a 24-inch wig, is that it easily tangles. However, going for 14-inch hair means your battle with tangles will reduce. Besides, if you take care of your 14-inch curly hair properly, you will enjoy it for a longer period.

It looks beautiful:

Whether it is 14-inch straight hair or 14-inch curly hair, this hair length makes you look effortlessly beautiful. 

Its styling is versatile.

When planning to buy a wig, you should ensure you go for one that offers versatile styling. This is where a 14-inch wig comes in. You can style this hair in different ways. You can achieve side parting, middle parting, or even no parting with 14-inch hair. Besides, you can create so many styles with 14-inch wigs, such as half-up, half-down, high ponytails, and so on.

It fits with different lifestyles. 

Each person leads a different lifestyle. And a 14-inch wig is suitable for each of these lifestyles. For instance, if you are an active person, such as a gym instructor or fitness freak, then you can wear 14-inch hair. This is because no matter how much you sweat, the hair will not tangle.

On the other hand, if you are a glamorous girl, 14-inch hair gives you that beautiful look while you strut down the runway. If you are in the corporate world, you can wear 14-inch hair to keep things professional. As you can see, whether your lifestyle is in the gym, on a walkway, or even in the office, a 14-inch weave is your right choice.
14 inch curly wig

How to choose the right wig length for yourself

You now know what a 14-inch wig is. Yet, one thing that confuses many people is how to know the wig length that perfectly suits them. If you are in that category, then you are in the right place. Here are some tips that will help you choose the right wig length that suits you. 


One essential thing that you need to pay attention to while choosing your 14-inch curly hair or 14-inch straight hair is your height. Simply put, a short person should wear short hair and vice versa. This is because if a short person wears long hair, it might end up making them look shorter than they actually are. On the other hand, if a tall person wears short hair, it might look shorter on them than it actually is. But if a short person wears a short wig and vice versa, it complements their height. So, you should put your height into consideration before making your next wig purchase.

Body shape

Another tip on how to choose the wig length that suits you is to consider your body shape. Tall people with long body shapes should not wear a mid-length wig; it will make the wig look shorter. People with long necks should not go for a long wig; it will make their necks look longer and thinner. Make sure you consider your neck length and other body shapes before you buy wigs of any length.

Face shape

Knowing your face shape is another tip that helps you choose the wig length that perfectly suits you. The reason for this is that not all hair lengths are suitable for all face shapes. For instance, those with a square face shape rock a short bob better than others.

Carefully considering all these factors will help you choose the right wig length that suits you. Otherwise, you might end up wasting your hard-earned money.
14 inch bob wig

Final Thoughts

A 14-inch weave is categorized as mid-length hair because it touches the shoulder. Many people opt for this hair length because of the various benefits it offers. Some of those benefits include versatility in styling, suitability for diverse lifestyles, and so on. Before you go for wigs of any length, you should consider your height, body shape, and face shape. 


If you are wondering where you can get 14-inch hair, Elfin Hair is here for you. We sell different types and textures of 14-inch weaves, such as 14-inch straight hair and 14-inch curly hair. We sell durable hair that lasts longer. Visit Elfin Hair today to get yours.

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