Mink Hair Weave: What hair extensions is?
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Mink Hair Weave: What hair extensions is?

Mink Hair Weave: What hair extensions is?

'Do you know the Mink Hair craze?’
'OMG my mink hair is Amazing!’

We will explain to you why so many people are so excited about Mink hair extensions, Mink hair includes Brazilian Mink Hair, Peruvian Mink Hair, Malaysian Mink Hair. If you wear hair weave extensions, you pretty to find higher quality hair like mink hair weave. ‘where does mink hair from’ is the most people curious question, each unit is collected from one donor of mink hair bundles, and all cuticles are intact, it’s profoundly sought after by a various set of people. Mink hair weave is really luxurious and soft with lots of bodies and natural shine, It holds curls attractively and curls when wet.

What is Mink hair?

Mink hair is a standout amongst the most sought after textures for different reasons, it’s profoundly sought after by a various set of people, especially for its softness, durability, and thickness, Also, the texture blends effectively with most ethnicities from Caucasian texture to African American relaxed textures.

mink hair weave

How long the mink hair last?

The Mink hair in hair market can last for 1 year at least, as long as you take good care of mink hair, it lasts for a long period, It doesn't require extraordinary upkeep. if you are looking forward to searching the best Mink hair vendor in China, there is no further than Elfin Mink hair, Elfin hair can last for 2-3 years.


•    Each selection of mink hair was gathered from one benefactor.
•    Mink Hair is to a great degree extravagant and soft with a considerable measure of body and natural sparkle.
•    No Tangle or Shedding.Mink hair bundles includes thick viable strands, don't break easily. 
•    It possesses a low to medium lustre.
•    It is additionally frizz resistant as a result of its thickness.
•    Mink hair will likewise hold curls for a long time.  
•    Due to Mink hair length, it helps in enhancing women beauty.

mink hair weavemink hair weave

All hair may look similar in appearance, most companies attempt to repair low quality hair with handling tricks and chemicals, Elfin Mink hair weave has the pre-selected group of donors known for regularly producing a particularly high quality soft, and naturally shiny texture.

If you want to try mink hair extensions, be sure to check out on online or retail store, we are mink hair vendors and we focus on the best quality of the mink hair, we also offer mink hair wholesale orders and drop shipping as well, you will not find this quality hair anywhere.