How To Tighten A Wig? 5 Easy Ways You Must Know!
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How to tighten a wig? 5 Easy ways you must know!

A human hair wig is now almost necessary in beauty lovers' wardrobes. It does work to boost charm and confidence for girls. But the price of a 100% human hair wig is typically not cheap. So it's really a maddening problem while you get your dream human hair wig but find it's too big. In this post, we are gonna show you 5 quick ways to tighten a wig. And you can easily finish this task by yourself at home.

1. How to tighten a wig with straps?

If your wig comes with elastic straps already, it's pretty easy to tighten the wig. 

Step 1: Observe the interior of the wig cap, and you will notice there should be one strap on the nape of the wig.

Step 2: Put the wig on, and adjust the strap to tighten your wig to fit your head well.

Adjusting the strap to tighten your wig should be the easiest way. But if your wig doesn't be equipped with any elastic straps. Never mind. You can simply sew an elastic band into the wig cap by yourself within a few minutes.
human hair lace wig

2. How to tighten a wig by sewing an elastic band?

Things you need to prepare in advance: 

Elastic band;

A pair of sharp scissors;

thread and needle;

Tape measure.

Step 1: Put the elastic band along your nape from one ear to another ear, pull the band to make it a little tight to your nape but not too tight, so that it can fit your head firmly after sewing it down. Use the tape measure to measure the length of the band, and then use the scissors to cut the band. 

Step 2: Turn your wig inside out. Sew in the band into the nape of your wig cap interior with thread and needle. 

3. How to make a wig fit tighter with clips?

If you don't have an elastic band but you have some clips at home, can these clips save your loosened wig? Yes, clips and combs can help to secure the wig more firmly if there is no wig cap under the wig. They do work on lace frontal wigs, 360 lace wigs, full lace wigs, etc. And they can only help tighten your wig in a very limited size.

Items you need to prepare in advance:

Some clips;

Thread and needle.

Step 1: Choose some clips or combs of the proper size. 

Step 2: Use thread and needle to sew in clips along the edge of the wig. Typically each side has two clips is enough.

4. How to make a loosened wig tight with tapes?

Wig tapes can not only also help to secure the wig firmly but are also available to bring you a natural hairline. Besides, it's also more friendly for sensitive skin than wig glue. To tighten a wig with wig tape is more suitable for wearing a wig with a wig cap underneath.

Here are some necessaries you need to prepare to tighten a wig with tapes: 

Wig tapes;

A pair of sharp scissors;


Some cotton balls;

Some clips.

Step 1: Put on the wig cap. Clean up the oil along the hairline with alcohol cotton balls.  

Step 2: Put the tape onto the hairline, make sure the middle line of the tape just falls onto the hairline. Fix the front hair of the wig with clips in case the hair falls onto the tape, and tear the other side of the tape.

Step 3: Stretch the wig edge with your hand, then pull forward gently, then put the wig in the right place.

Step 4: Press the tape area, till you feel it is sticky on the surface of the lace.

affordable lace front wigs

If you don't have any wig tape, clips, combs, or elastic band at home, how can you fix the wig more firmly to fit your head better?

5. How to tighten your wig with just thread and needle?

Step 1: Put the wig on, and then mark the points at about 0.5 inches behind each ear.

Step 2: Take off the wig from your head. Turn the wig inside out and find out the points you just marked out. Anchor a double knot on one of it, and start to sew in a thread along the edge of the wig cap until you reach another marked point.

Step 3: Put the wig on your head, and gently pull the thread to tighten your wig until it tightly fits your head. Secures the thread with a double knot.


The above mentioned are 5 easy and safe ways to tighten a wig that is too big. If you have other useful ideas, feel free to leave your comment below. If you still feel it complicated to tighten an old wig, why not just buy a new one! Shop cheap human hair wigs at Elfin hair, with multiple densities, colors, and sizes for you to choose from! 

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