HD Lace Frontal: All The Basics You Should Know
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All the basics you should know about HD lace frontal

Are you considering buying bundles with frontal, but don't know where to start? This post is for you. We will make a quick comparison between HD lace frontal, HD   closure, and transparent lace frontal so that you will never feel confused about them.

What is HD lace frontal?

HD lace frontal is a very thin, soft, and see-through lace piece that is used to close the wig and create a natural hairline. It typically sizes in 13x6 inches and 13x4 inches, and runs from ear to ear. 

HD lace frontal

Features of HD lace frontal

  • Almost see-through on the scalp: HD lace frontal features the advanced tech. This type of lace material can perfectly melt into the skin and create a natural hairline. It gives an illusion that the hair strands are growing from your scalp. It's hard to tell if you are wearing a wig unless you tell them.
  • Add a final touch to an undetectable wig: Similar to a lace closure, HD lace frontal is also used to close off your wig. But it comes with a larger space lace piece and hand-tied hair. In this way, the HD lace frontal can offer an ear-to-ear natural hairline. It switches up the lace wig with a more natural appearance.
  • Extreme soft, thin, and breathable: HD lace is typically softer and thinner than regular lace types. It looks more natural and realistic in appearance. And it provides the wearers a premium comfort since it is also more airy and lightweight.
  • Versatile in styling: Since the HD lace frontal can almost melt into all skin tones. And it comes with a larger space of undetectable HD lace than lace closure. HD lace frontal is more versatile in styling. You can not only part anywhere but also rock various hairstyles you desire.
  • Fragile and easy to get tearing: Since HD lace frontal is thinner and softer, it's also more fragile than normal lace types. That's also why it is easy to get tearing.
  • Time-saving, and blend well with all skin tones: HD lace frontal has been bleached knots. Therefore, you don't need to spend time bleaching knots anymore. And it can perfectly blend with all skin tones naturally.

HD lace frontal vs. HD lace closure, how to choose?

lace frontal vs. lace closure
Both HD lace frontal and HD lace closure look natural and offer a natural illusion. The major difference between the HD Lace frontal and HD lace closure is their size. HD lace closure typically comes in 4x4 inches and 5x5 inches and covers from temple to temple. 

  1. HD lace frontal offers a more complete hairline that covers from ear to ear. If you are a perfectionist, the HD lace frontal is better for you. Cause it works to provide a more natural and realistic hairline.
  2. Apart from the natural results, the lace frontal is more breathable and comfortable than the lace closure.
  3. HD lace frontal is also more bundle-saving. Typically, it takes you about 3-4 bundles for a full head sew-in. To achieve a full hair look, you may need 2-3 bundles with a frontal, but sometimes 3-4 bundles with a closure.

HD Lace frontal vs. Transparent lace frontal, how to choose?

Both HD lace frontal and transparent lace frontal can bring the wearers a natural hairline. But they do have some differences.

HD lace frontal can flatter well with all skin tones. While the transparent lace looks better on people with light skin tones. But we also get feedback from our customers that the transparent lace can also blend well with light skin tone after bleaching knots. We have made a tutorial about how to bleach knots in our previous post, click and read more. And you can also choose to apply makeup to make the transparent lace frontal match dark skin.

HD lace frontal with bundles For Sale

Elfin Hair provides various lace frontal and bundles combinations. You can choose from different lace sizes: 13x6, 13x4, 4x4, 5x5, etc. Or you can choose from different patterns, including curly hair, deep wave hair, body wave hair, straight hair, kinky curly hair, etc. No matter which type of human hair weaves you desire, you will definitely find the best for you. Cause Elfin Hair has its own hair factory in China. It's available to support custom services and satisfy all your needs. Welcome to explore the largest collection of human hair bundles with closures. Choose from Brazilian hair bundles, Peruvian hair bundles, and Malaysian bundles in a variety of lengths and colors. Our hair weaves are made of cuticles-aligned virgin hair and undetectable Swiss Lace. This combination ensures their longer lifespan and textured and natural appearance.   

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