U Part Wig Vs. Lace Front Wig, How To Choose?
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U part wig vs. lace front wig, how to choose?

What is a U-part wig?

U part wig is a glueless wig that allows you to leave out a portion of natural hair via its u shape opening to make a natural-looking finish. It's a rage among plenty of black women due to its various benefits, such as time-saving, easy-to-install-and-take-off... It's friendly to beginners and those who are allergic to glue. Plumping your hair appearance and level up your look with this undetectable u part wig!

Pros and cons of U-part wig


  1. Has more versatility when it comes to sectioning out your hair: with a U part wig human hair, you are free to section out your hair to make a middle part or side part. 
  2. Save much time: With a U part wig human hair, you don't need to sew it in track by track but clip it in with a few minutes.
  3. Allows you to take care of your natural hair: Its special u shape opening allows you to leave out a portion of natural hair. This allows you to access your natural hair easier so that you can clean and care for your hair regularly.
  4. Protect your natural hair and scalp: You don't need to braid your natural hair to cornrows while installing a u-part wig. So that you can protect your hair and scalp from the tension of braids. 
  5. A great number of selections: There are various u part wig styles for your choice in the market, such as curly u part wigs, kinky straight u part wigs, u part bob wigs, kinky curly u part wigs, blonde u part wigs, ombre u part wigs, side part u part wigs... You can definitely find out a u-part wig that matches your natural hair well at Elfin Hair.
  6. Undetectable and natural appearance: U part wig allows a portion of your natural hair to leave out and cover the wig, which makes it difficult for people to tell the difference between your hair and the wig’s hair.


  1. Need some time to determine and find out the perfect one: To make a natural look, you need to choose a u-part wig that comes with a similar texture and color to your natural hair. It may take you some time to find out a u-part wig that matches your natural hair. 

Differences between U part wig and lace front wig

Both human hair U part wig and lace front wig are natural and allow you to restyle freely. But they do have some differences:

  • U part wig doesn't need glue nor adhesive while installation: U part wig is a time-saver that perfect fix to lazy girls and busy girls.
  • U part wig is easier to take off every night: It just takes a few minutes to take off a u-part wig. You can easily take it off every night to free your natural hair and scalp.
  • With a u-part wig, you don't need to fuss about cutting the lace: With a u-part wig, you are available to say “Goodbye” to the frighten of tearing the lace!
  • Lace front wig is more soft and comfortable for wearing: The comfortable swiss lace base of the lace front wig provides you a premium wearing experience. 
  • If you have thin hair or bald hair, a u-part wig is not friendly to you: The u part wig needs you the leave out a part of natural hair, if you have bald hair, u part wig will look unnatural on you.
  • Typically, a u-part wig is cheaper than a lace front wig.

U part wig vs. lace front wig, how to choose?

If you are searching for a natural-looking wig, both u part wig and lace front wig are available for you.

If you are searching for a wig that is more cost-effective, u part wig is for you.

If you are searching for a convenient wig that is easy to install and take off, a u-part wig is a good option.

If you have bald hair and are seeking a no-leave-out style, why not try the v-part wig?

If you are seeking a more lightweight wig, a lace front wig can definitely satisfy you.

To know which wig is best for you is determined by your lifestyle. Reach our consultants to get personalized suggestions based on your texture, color and length! Find out your perfect wig at Elfin Hair.

Where to buy cheap u-part wigs?

Elfin Hair provides various lace front wigs and u shape wigs at an affordable price. Welcome to choose from u part bob wigs, kinky curly u part wigs, blonde u part wig, 13x4 lace front wigs13x6 lace front wigs, etc. All our u part wigs and lace front wigs are made with 100% human hair, soft and shiny in appearance, bouncy and smooth in touches. 


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