How to Brush Your Brazilian Virgin Hair in the Right Way?
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How to Brush Your Brazilian Virgin Hair in the Right Way?

How to Brush Your Brazilian Virgin Hair in the Right Way?

You might just as well think that brushing virgin hair bundles is as easy as its said. Just picking up the brush and brushing through the Brazilian hair bundles. Yes- I mean brush the hair but you are very wrong girl. Brushing a virgin hair bundle needs careful skill and time lady. Now let’s pick out some of the worst virgin hair bundle scenarios you have a very dry virgin hair bundle and you want to brush it, by just picking up a brush and doing your thing, you will not only be damaging the hair because it will be falling out badly, you will be hurting your scalp and loosening the stitches. Sometimes lack of care can also lead to brushing related injury. Brushing your hair can even be a form of relaxation therapy when done in a quiet environment with the help of a professional; this can boost circulation of blood, remove dirt and relax your nerves. It can even help with insomnia.

With all that written, first, we outline the different types of brushes and their uses. And before brushing you should be aware of all their uses so as to be able to pick the right and ideal one for your virgin hair bundle.

1) wide tooth comb-use to detangle wet hair
2) retail comb- for parting hair and smoothing strands
3) paddle brush- for long straight detangling and rough hair drying.
4) vented brush- creating volume when styling
5) natural bristle brush-smoothing hair
6) synthetic bristle brush- smoothen, shape and polish
7) metal round brush-faster blow out and create curls
8) round brush-curls, smooth, and style
9) detangling brush-brush knots out easily
10) wooden-bristle brush- to massage the scalp and stimulate hair growth
11) mixed bristle brush-distribute hair’s natural oil and smooth cuticle.


virgin hair bundles

With the knowledge of types of brushes below are few steps to consider when preparing to brush your Brazilian hair bundle

If you wash your hair bundle, do not brush when wet, use a comb instead example wide tooth comb. This will do just right and if you want to blow-dry use a metal round brush or a vented brush also depending on what suits your hair. Apply virgin hair oil. Rub it in with your hands and massage for about five minutes. Use a wide mouth brush example paddle brush out your Brazilian hair bundles this can be done with when you use a retail comb to part hair in thin section and brush gently in slow strokes, layer by layer until you finish the entire virgin hair bundle.

After you must have done this repeatedly, use a detangling brush to brush your Brazilian hair bundle in the same manner as the paddle brush. At this point, your hair is now knotted free. Now apply extra hair products of choice and use a smaller brush like the round brush to repeat the process.

With all these hair brushes and brushing tips, hope you will have a delightful hair brush day and do remember these tips the next time you brush your virgin hair bundle.
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