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What Is Ginger Hair Color?

Many people wish for hair that is in a bright shade, just like ginger hair color. This is because they are of the opinion that people whose hair colors are bright have vibrant personalities. A vibrant mane, like ginger hair color, also adds a touch of creativity to your facial appearance. However, despite the fact that many people desire this fiery color, it is only seen by 2% of the population. On the bright side, you can dye your hair with ginger. Read on to know how to dye ginger hair color and how to maintain it.
ginger hair color

How to dye ginger hair color?

You have two alternatives if you desire ginger hair color. The first one is to purchase a wig that has a ginger shade. Elfinhair is your best place to find both straight and curly ginger hair. The second one is to tint your lock or headpiece with a ginger hair color. Here is a guide on how to dye your mane or headpiece;

Some items are required to change the color of your hair and they include;

Hand gloves


Bleach Powder

Ginger Dye 

mixing basin and brush.

Sectioning clip

Rattail comb



Prior to the process of dying your lock, you need to follow some preparation tips. These tips include; 


● Skip shampooing your hair two to three days prior to dye application. The purpose of skipping wash days is that applying bleach can irritate your scalp, thus causing scalp inflammation. But if you skip washing your hair for a few days before bleaching, you can prevent the irritation. This is because the buildup of products or sweats on the scalp will protect the skin from irritation. 


● Every nutrient or moisture in the mane gets stripped off because of the harshness of the bleach powder. This exposes your hair to the risk of breakage or damage. However, to keep your hair in good condition, you need to moisturize your hair thoroughly at least one week prior to dye application. Doing this will not only maintain the hydration level in your hair but mitigate any potential damage as well. 


● You also need to identify and prepare the volume of developer you want to use. The volume of the developer you opt for determines the intensity of the ginger hair color.For darker shades, choose one with high volume, but if you tilt towards a lighter hue, you should opt for a developer with low volume. 


Now that you know the preparation tips, it is time to begin the dying process.


Before anything else, you need to bleach your mane or wig, especially if your hair or wig color is black. This step is necessary to prepare your mane for the ginger color. However, if your strands are blonde, you do not need to undergo this process. Here is how to go about the bleaching process:


Step 1: Firstly, scoop some amount of bleach into the mixing bowl. The amount you will work with depends on how thick and long your hair is. After that, pour in a certain amount of developer of the volume of your choice. Stir thoroughly till it is properly mixed. If you want a more watery consistency, add more developer. However, you should be careful so that the consistency is not too watery. If not, the bleach won't work as it should. 


Step 2: Wrap a towel or napkin around your neck if you are working on your hair. The reason for this is to make sure the bleach does not touch your skin. If it does, it could cause skin inflammation. Besides, if you want to bleach your wig, it is preferable that you put it on a mannequin head or wig stand. This will make working on it easier for you. 


Step 3: Section your hair into smaller pieces, some sections into four or five pieces. The number of pieces you section your hair into depends on how thick your mane is. The aim of sectioning is to ensure you apply the same quantity of bleach mixture to every part of the hair. You can use a sectioning clip to hold each piece.


Step 4: Start with a piece, and use the mixing brush to apply the bleach mixture. Be generous with the application and ensure that the piece is fully saturated with the mixture. Once you are done, proceed to another piece and repeat the process. Continue repeating the process till you have generously applied the mixture to the whole hair or wig.


Pro tip: To make sure you apply the same amount of the mixture to all the pieces, you can divide the mixture into the number of pieces you have sectioned your hair into. 


Step 5: You need to let your hair sit for some time to make sure it processes thoroughly. To speed up the processing, you can cover your mane with a shower cap, however, this is not essential. Leave the hair alone for 30 minutes, but ensure you check it at 10-minute intervals to examine the progress of the process.


Pro tip: You can set a timer to make sure you do not lose track of time. If the bleach stays on the hair for up to one hour, it can overprocess it, thus causing damage to the hair. 


Step 6: Once the time lapses, wash off the bleach with cold water. Cold water stops the action of the bleach in the hair. When you notice there is no more bleach on your mane, use a clarifying shampoo to wash your hair or wig. 

ginger wigs

Dye Application 

Once you bleach your hair to alter the color from black to blonde, the next thing is dye application. You need a ginger color dye and a developer of a lighter volume. Here is a guide on how to go about dye application. 


Step 1: First and foremost, you need to mix the dye and developer together. Pour the ginger dye into the mixing bowl and add the developer, then whisk properly till the mixture blends well together. 


Step 2: Section your hair once more, holding each piece with a sectioning clip. Starting with a section, apply the dye paste to your tresses or headpiece. Be generous while applying the dye and make sure it permeates well into the mane you are working on. 


Step 3: Move on to the next section and repeat the process. Continue the cycle until you have applied the ginger hair color to every part of your mane. 


Pro tip: If your wig is a lace front wig, ensure that you keep the dye away from the lace. Going around with a ginger lace front wig can be a bit weird. You can apply vaseline on the lace before dye application so that if the dye accidentally pours on the lace, you will be able to wash it off easily.


Step 4: You should let your hair sit for a while after dye application. However, the timing is dependent on the product you are using. This is why it is essential to read the instructions on the product and follow them religiously. 


Step 5: Then wash off the dye with cold water to seal the color molecules into the hair cuticles. Rinse repeatedly till the water is clear of any color. Air-dry and style into your desired look. 

How to maintain ginger hair color?

ginger hair

Every bright-colored hair is difficult to maintain, and ginger hair color is not left behind. This is because their vibrancy makes any sign of fading so glaring. Besides, the molecules of ginger hair color are so large that they are unable to go deeply into the hair cuticle. This is the main reason why they fade easily. However, to ensure that the hair does not fade quickly, here are some maintenance tips to follow. 

Wash less frequently.

Frequent washing strips the hair color faster than usual. This is why you must wash less frequently. Cut down your wash routine to twice or thrice a week to maintain vibrancy. When washing, you should avoid hot water. It strips off moisture, nutrients, and color, making the hair look dull and frizzy. Cold water, on the other hand, seals in the color and helps maintain the vibrancy of ginger hair color. 

Use color-refreshing shampoo.

If you can't do without washing your hair frequently, then make sure you are using color-refreshing shampoo. This type of shampoo helps to add more color to your mane anytime you use it, thus preventing it from fading.

Use dry shampoo.

Another alternative to washing your hair is to use dry shampoo. There is a buildup of products, oils, and even sweat on your mane every time. Hence, the need to use dry shampoo on days when you cannot wash your hair. However, you need to ensure that you go for an undetectable formula so that white residue won't appear on your ginger-colored hair. 

Use appropriate products.

Another thing that determines how long the color of your hair will last is the type of products you use. Colored hair or wigs have specific shampoo and other hair care products that prevent the hair from fading quickly. Hence, you should use these products to ensure that your ginger hair color lasts for a while. 

Use heat styling tools sparingly.

Heat is one of the things that makes the color of the hair fade faster. That being said, you should totally avoid using heat styling tools too much. Instead of blowdrying, you can airdry. If you plan to use it at all, make sure you apply a thermal protectant to your mane. Besides, you should always protect your ginger hair from sun rays. This is why you should always wear a hat or scarf when you are in the sun, especially during the summer season. 

Mask and deep condition

Another maintenance strategy is to ensure that you mask your hair with a color depositing mask. This type of mask adds more color to your fiery mane to keep it vibrant. The mask is best applied after washing the mane. Leave it on the hair for 3 to 5 minutes, then wash it off. Healthy hair is also a prerequisite to maintaining the color of the mane. Therefore, ensure you deep condition your hair once a week to keep your lock healthy. 

Visit your colorist for touch-ups.

Within four to eight weeks, your natural mane will begin to have undergrowth. Thus, there will be a need for touch-ups. Thus, you should visit your colorist whenever you notice root regrowth. Besides, make sure you only dye root regrowth during touchups, as layering up dye can cause overprocessing or uneven color. 


Even though the ginger hair color is in vogue, its color complex molecules make it fade fast. But with these maintenance tips, you can retain the hues for a while. 

Ginger hair vs. orange hair

Although ginger and orange hair may seem to be the same at first glance, closer inspection reveals significant differences. This is due to the fact that ginger hair is a hue that incorporates both red and orange tones, but orange hair can only be achieved by using orange dye.


Orange hair comes in diverse shades, but the ones you should choose are determined by your undertone. Another thing that ginger and orange hair have in common is how they should be cared for. This implies that you should follow the above maintenance tips to keep your orange hair in good shape.


Now that you understand the distinction between orange and ginger hair, you could choose the hue that best suits your taste and desired outcome.

Ginger hair vs. auburn hair 

Both ginger and auburn hair have red undertones, making them warm shades. They do, however, have their own distinguishing characteristics. For example, auburn wigs are flattering on all skin tones, but ginger hair on a dark complexion is unappealing.


Despite the fact that they both have the same undertone (red), the ratio of the undertone in each color differs. Because auburn wigs have darker red undertones, they are suited for all complexion tones. On the other hand, ginger wigs are brighter, making them ideal for people with warm complexion tones.


Because ginger hair is lighter in color than auburn, it is ideal for the summer months, whilst auburn is more appropriate for the fall. That isn't to say you can't wear ginger in the fall and winter.


With these distinctions, the question becomes: which shade should you choose? If you want to modify your style to something more vibrant and fiery, try ginger hair color or ginger wigs. However, if you want to change your look in a subtle manner, auburn is the way to go.


With this ultimate guide, we hope you can now dye your hair with ginger hair color. If you want to go for the option of getting ginger-colored wigs, Elfin hair is here for you. Besides, you can also get all your colored human hair wigs from Elfin Hair. 

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