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Brazilian vs Malaysian hair

We all know that the most popular types of virgin human hair are Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, and Peruvian hair. But maybe you still find it difficult to choose among the above-mentioned options? We have posted an article about the difference between Brazilian and Peruvian Hair, you can click and read if you are still tangling between Brazilian hair and Peruvian hair. In this article, we are going to talk about the differences between Brazilian Hair and Malaysian Hair.
women wearing Elfin Hair Brazilian Hair

What is Brazilian hair?

Brazilian Hair ( also named Brazilian Remy Hair, Brazilian Virgin Hair) is human hair that originated from Brazil. Brazilian hair has the following features: thick, soft, with natural bouncy, and the color commonly comes in natural black with a brown shade. Its hairstyle generally ranges from wavy, straight, and curly. Brazilian hair bundle is one of the best types of virgin hair. 

What is Malaysian hair?

Similarly, the name of Malaysian Hair also comes from its origin country. Malaysian hair (also known as Malaysian virgin hair and Malaysian Remy hair) means that human hair collected from a single donor from Malaysian, with intact cuticles facing the same direction, with no shedding no tangling and will not get matted easily. Malaysian hair also has its own features such as extremely silky, soft, and has a natural wave pattern that can be blended well with African American women's hair texture. Malaysian hair is also a top grade of human virgin hair.

Similarity & Difference between Malaysian and Brazilian hair

1. Both Brazilian hair and Malaysian hair are the best grades of human hair. They can add length and volume to your natural hair and are blend well with African American women.

2. With extraordinary hair texture that can bring you a premium natural and realistic experience in appearance and touches.

3. Both Brazilian hair and Malaysian hair are smooth and soft and have a beautiful shine and luster range from low to medium.


1. The most obvious feature of Brazilian hair is that it's normally thicker and coarser than other virgin hair bundles.

2. Malaysian hair is commonly softer and silkier than Brazilian hair due to geographical reasons.

3. The color of natural Brazilian Hair commonly comes in natural black with a brown shade while Malaysian hair is naturally dark. 

4. Brazilian hair generally comes in versatile hairstyles and will get wavy after getting wet, while Malaysian hair commonly comes in straight and wavy, but it doesn't get wavy after getting wet.

5. It is easier to apply color to Brazilian hair than Malaysian virgin hair. Brazilian hair holds the curls better. It is easier to style it, curl it, or color it in just the way you like.
women wearing Elfin Hair Malaysian hair


Both Brazilian hair and Malaysian hair are great virgin hair and can bring you a premium natural and realistic appearance and touches. They can both help to add length and volume to your natural hair can create a full look. 

If you are searching for versatile styling hair or you want to try different colors, pick Brazilian hair.

If you want to experiment with softer and silkier hair textures, Malaysian hair is your best choice.

If you are searching for natural hair that comes with a little wavy, and you want to make your hairstyle wavy or curly, and with less care to maintain its wavy pattern, we recommend you to choose the Brazilian virgin hair.


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