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Best hair for sew in

Most choose to invest in human hair weaves to create a natural and long-lasting hair look during the sew in hair process. However, do you know how to choose the best human hair? If you also have this confusion, just keep reading. We are going to share a valuable experience on this topic in this post. And we are here to list out the best human hair for sew in weave, so you will not get lost while choosing the best hair for sew in.

What is sew in weave?

Firstly, let's start at the very basic, what exactly sew in weave is? In the nutshell, sew in weave is a process to braid your natural hair into cornrows and then use thread and needle to sew in hair weave onto the braids. It's a safe and long-term way to add volume and length to your natural hair.

How to choose the best hair for sew in?

Go for virgin hair/ Remy hair

Hair weaves are available in a variety of types, such as synthetic hair, human hair( virgin hair, Remy hair, Non-Remy hair). We all know that Virgin hair weave is the best quality hair weave on the market. Since virgin hair is 100% unprocessed human hair that is collected from one donor. This type of hair hasn't been dyed, bleached, or permed previously, and comes with full cuticles that flow in one direction. Which makes it a more healthy, more durable, and more natural option. The standard of virgin hair is strict. Even if the hair has been straightened once, it's no longer virgin hair. That's also why virgin hair is much more expensive and rare. If you feel virgin hair is too expensive, you also pick the Remy hair as an alternative. Remy hair is also 100% human hair that comes with full cuticles flowing in one direction. This type of hair is also natural in appearance and long-lasting, allows the wearers to restyle as their desires. 

virgin deep wave hair

Choose a hair texture that fits you: 

There are a variety of hair textures for your choice: Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair, Indian hair, Vietnamese hair, and so on. All these hair are made of 100% human hair, soft, sleek, bouncy, shiny, best human hair for sew in weave. They all work to bring the wearers a natural and voluminous hair look. But they do have the characteristics that make them outstanding:

Brazilian hair: Brazilian hair is the closest texture to African American women'. It's full, thick, and soft in texture, and typically comes with low to medium luster. Compared with other hair types, Brazilian hair is fuller and more coarse, that also why it looks more voluminous and can hold curls well.

Malaysian hair: Malaysian hair is soft, silky, shiny, and bouncy. It's also one of the most sought-after hair textures on the market. This type of hair is strong and coarse, easy to care for and maintain, an ideal option for those who are keen on styling their hair. What's more, the natural-born beautiful waves shine of Malaysian hair add a sexy but cool touch to the overall look.

Peruvian hair: Peruvian hair is soft, fluffy, and thick. Different from Malaysian hair, Peruvian hair typically comes in a slightly wavy or silky straight. It's coarse but lightweight, and works to volume one's hair with premium comfort. It blends incredibly well with normal African American relaxed hair, that's also why it's become extremely popular among black women.

Indian hair: Indian hair is soft, lightweight, thick, and lustrous, and can be easily flat-ironed or curled as you desire. It holds curls well and is more durable and flexible. What's more, Indian hair is more affordable than other human hair types. If you are searing for a budget-friendly human hair weave, Indian hair texture is a good choice. But Indian hair doesn't have as much luster as Brazilian hair and Malaysian hair.

Vietnamese hair: Vietnamese hair is soft and silky and typically comes with a slight body wave and silky straight. Indian hair texture is not as lustrous as other hair types. But it also holds curls well and is versatile in styling.


We have made a detailed comparison among different human hair textures in our previous post: Brazilian Vs. Peruvian Vs. Malaysian Hair Click and read more. 

Choose the right color:

ginger hair

There's no end to the list of beautiful hair colors for black skin tone. From bold blonde to bright burgundy, from daily natural black to chestnut brown, almost all hair colors look great on dark skin tones. To determine which hair color is better for you, depends more on your preference. Just pick the color you desire and rock it!

Determine the hair length:

Be noticed that the length of the hair weave should be measured when the hair is pulled straight. That's why the curl bundles appear shorter than straight bundles. Take straight hair as an example, if you desire a shoulder-length bob hairstyle, 10-12 inches hair length is ok, but for curly hair or wavy hair, you may need 14-16 inches. Here's the hair length chart for your reference.

hair length chart

Elfin Hair sew in hair collection:

Elfin Hair has its own hair factory in China, that's why Elfin Hair can offer cheap but high-quality human hair and wigs. Explore the best hair for sew in at Elfin Hair!

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