Everything You Need To Know About V Part Wig
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Everything you need to know about v part wig

If you are searching for a beginner-friendly no lace wig that allows you to part freely, you shouldn't miss out on our latest collection of human hair v part wigs. The v part wig now is one of the most on-trendy human hair wigs in the market. Be a trendsetter with Elfin Hair and explore what it is and how to rock in this post.

What is the v part wig?

To know everything about v part wig thoroughly, let's start from the very basic: what exactly v part wig is? Just as its name implies, the v part wig is a wig that comes with no lace in the front but a v-shaped opening allows minimal or no hair strands to leave out. It’s an ideal option for those who don’t want to expose their real hair.

Pros and cons of v part wig

The human hair v part wig comes with so many benefits that it can definitely bring you a premium comfy while wearing it. In the following, we are going to share with you the pros and cons of v part wig.


  • No leave out: The most obvious feature of the v part wig is that its v-shaped opening on the front allows you to pull out a minimized part of your natural hair or even with no leave out. 
  • Natural & undetectable: The no leave out feature also makes human hair v part wig a natural and undetectable wig.
  • No glue nor sew-in: The v part wig is secured by the clips and combs inside its wig cap, so it's no glue needed while installation and you don't need to sew in either. This feature also makes an ideal option for those who suffered from sensitive skin.
  • Easy to install and remove: It's almost no skill needed to install a v part wig, cause it has no lace but clips and combs inside to fix the wig. It may take you 1-2 minutes to install a v part wig.
  • Parting freely: A v part wig allows you to part freely, you can rock the middle part, side part, or deep side part as you like.


  • Takes more time choosing a wig: You need to choose a v part wig that has the same color and texture as your natural hair so that the v part wig can melt into your natural hair more naturally.
  • u part wig vs v part wig

V part wig Vs. U part wig

Both V part wigs and U part wigs are no glue needed and can bring a natural-looking and good wearing experience. But they do have some contrasts:

  • V part wig allows no leave out while U part wig needs to leave out some hair strands to cover its u-shaped opening.
  • V part wig is more tends to be a thin-hair-friendly wig than u part wig. 
  • The above mentioned are the major differences between v part wig and u part wig, if you are interested in it, you can click and go through another post: V part wig vs. U part wig, how to choose?
  • how to install a v part wig

How to wear a v part wig?

It's pretty easy to install a v part wig. It may only take you 1-2 minutes to install a v part wig.

Step 1: Pick a v part wig that has close color and texture to your natural hair.

Step 2: Shampoo your natural hair and let it dry completely before wearing a wig.

Step 3: Braid your natural hair into cornrows simply and make your natural hair as flat as possible. Remember to pull a small part of your natural hair out to cover the v shape opening in the front of the top.

Step 4: Fix the v part wig to your head firmly with the clips inside the wig cap.

Step 5: Brush and tidy the leave out hair strands on the front of the top to cover the v-shape opening and make the wig look natural.

Where to buy the best v part wig?

We hope that you will never get confused about the v part wig after reading this post. And if you are searching for this 0 skill needed v part wig, you are in the right place.

Shop best v part wig at an adorable price from Elfin Hair. Elfin Hair offers 100% human hair v part wigs with the best quality. All our v part wigs are soft, smooth, tangle-free, and shiny. Boost your charm in an instant with our latest no glue no lace v part wig this season. 

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