Clip-in hair extensions pros and cons
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Clip-in hair extensions pros and cons

What are clip-in extensions?

Clip-in hair extensions tend to be increasingly popular among black girls these days. Clip-in extensions are one of the safest and simplest ways to add volume and length to natural hair without using glue or heat. Clip-in hair extensions refer to hair extensions that come with small clips on the top. They're easy to attach and remove, so anyone, even a beginner can easily install them in minutes at home. And Clip-in human hair extensions typically come in various styles, lengths, and colors. They can blend seamlessly with any Afro hair texture. 

Now you must know exactly what clip-in hair extensions are. So should you go for clip-in hair extensions? We are going to talk about the pros and cons of clip-in hair extensions. Keep scrolling, we’re sure that after reading this post you can make your decision more easily.
kinky straight clip in hair extensions

Pros of clip-in hair extensions

  • Simple to install and remove: Clip-in hair extensions attach to the natural hair with small clips, so no glue or adhesive is needed. They can be installed and removed within minutes, even for a beginner. So you don't have to spend time at a salon. Clip-in extensions are ideal for those who wanna lengthen and thicken their hair in a few minutes.
  • Require less maintenance: Our clip-in extensions are made of 100% human hair. They are natural in appearance and touch, textured, durable, and can last for a long time. They are easy to maintain and you just need to treat them as you would with your natural hair.
  • Natural in appearance: Elfin Hair clip-in hair extensions are made with cuticle-aligned human hair. There are various textures and colors for your choice in our clip-in extensions collection. So they can blend seamlessly and superbly with all types of hair textures. They are so natural and realistic that nobody will think you have extensions in.
  • Affordable: Clip-in hair extensions are easy to install and you can save the cost of hiring a stylist. What's more, clip-in hair extensions are more affordable than lace wigs commonly. And to achieve a daily natural hair look, one pack of clip-in hair extensions is enough, but you may need 2-3 bundles for sew-in. Therefore, clip-in hair extensions are a wallet-friendly choice.
  • No harm to your natural hair: Clip-ins require no glue or heat to install, which makes them a safe option for those allergic to wig glue and those with sensitive skin. Clip-ins allow you to leave your natural hair out of weaves, which gives premium breathability to your natural hair and scalp. Clip-in extensions will never damage your natural hair with proper installation and maintenance. 
  • Airy and comfortable: If your clip-in extensions are applied correctly, they won't cause any tension and pressure on your hair. And you will never feel tight or uncomfortable. Unlike wearing a wig, clip-in hair extensions allow you to keep all your natural hair falling as normal. With this, you can not only achieve a natural and luxurious hair look but also breathe and feel comfortable.

Cons of clip-in hair extensions

  • A short-term change: Clip-in extensions are more suitable for some special events, such as a wedding, a party, or for other short-term use. We highly suggest our customers take off their clip-ins every night before going to bed. Cause sleeping with clip-ins is not comfortable and may lead to hair loss. What's more, wearing clip-ins for a long time can also add extra weight and pressure to your natural hair, which can also lead to hair loss.
  • Not viable for short hair: If you have short hair or pixel hair, the clips of extensions might not be able to be hidden. Therefore clip-in hair extensions may not be a viable choice for girls with short hair.
  • body wave clip in hair extensions


Actually, you don't need to worry so much about these disadvantages. Clip-ins will never harm your hair with proper installation and maintenance. Adding length and volume is instant. They are cheap, easy to remove, and look natural. If you are looking for human hair extensions for temporary occasions or special events, clip-ins will never let you down. Instead, you might need to consider other fusion hair extensions for long-term use.

Where to buy clip-in extensions?

 Elfin Hair offers high-quality clip-in extensions in a variety of textures, lengths, and colors. Welcome to choose from curly clip hair extensions, colored clip-in extensions, clip-in ponytails, kinky straight clip-in hair extensions, kinky curly clip-in hair extensions, etc. 

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