How to Choose Healthy Virgin Malaysian Hair Weave?
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How to Choose Healthy Virgin Malaysian Hair Weave?

How to Choose Healthy Virgin Malaysian Hair Weave?

With so much desire and demand for impeccable hair, the hair market has seen an influx of several types of virgin hair weave, all of which are lovely. A lot of virgin hair weaves are beautiful, but virgin Malaysian hair is one of a handful that stands out amongst others. If you look forward to wearing a hair with unreal smoothness and silkiness, you should keep virgin Malaysian hairs in your shopping cart. What is Malaysian hair?

Like the name suggests, Malaysian hair comes from South East Asia. The hairs are gotten from women of Malaysian descent via donations at Malaysian temples in exchange for money. On rare occasions, these hairs are donated voluntarily, for free. Certainly, one of the best, it is widely loved for its texture, they typically come with a lustrous look and in different styles to satisfy different demands. The most popular or commonly purchased ones are straight, body wave and kinky curly hair. Unlike other types of hair, virgin Malaysian hair will typically not curl when wet. After shampooing, the hair may have a slight wave, but its texture will remain straight with lots of body and bounce. With its sleek luxurious texture and just the right amount of shine, Malaysian hair is known to blend very well with most hair types.

Five ways to identify virgin Malaysian hair

Quite understandably, everyone wants a guarantee of longevity with their investments, even with aesthetics like virgin hair. Genuine Malaysian hair doesn’t come cheap, but you can seek some respite in the fact that the durability of the hair is one of its best features. With proper care and use, your Malaysian virgin weave will last well over a year. Its ability to withstand cold and dry temperatures alike, while maintaining its strength with minimal breakage makes this hair a must-use. Virgin Malaysian hair holds moisture extremely well. When virgin hairs weave get too dry, there is some tendency of breakage or shedding. And as opposed to other weaves that easily dry off when the weather gets a little warm, Malaysian hair has that density that helps it hold moisture for a while longer. This awesome feature is largely attributed to the climate, diet and genetics of the Malaysian people.

One of the most viable proofs of high quality and healthy hair can be judged by how much of a soft and silky feeling you get from touching it. When your run your fingers through high quality virgin hair, there should be no resistance or pulling. You should literally be able to feel the protective cuticle layer that keeps the hair moist and healthy. Although, Malaysian hair extensions may be thicker than Indian hair, the softness of the hair texture is just right for similar virgin hair types around the world. Malaysian hair is super smooth to touch, and despite its fullness and thickness, it still feels very lightweight on the head after installation. Malaysian hair moves beautifully because of its density. It’s full of bounce, no matter how its styled, it will always give you the body that will make you look your best every time.

Picking out a healthy virgin Malaysian hair might turn out to be tougher than you think because the market is full of fakes. But we have put together some of the most prominent features to help you identify genuine Malaysian hair quickly and how to carry out some tests to determine authenticity.

●Malaysian hair comes in colors ranging from chestnut brown to near black. They will most likely be heavier and thicker than other virgin hair weaves in the market. It comes in a wavy style with slight bends to lose body waves. Malaysian hair is denser, softer and silkier than Indian hair and extremely shiny.

●Malaysian hair is so good that it costs a fortune, so, if you’re spending anything less than $100 on 2 bundles, it is most probably fake. Virgin hair is an investment and you just must splash that cash to get that look.

●Feel the hair, make sure it feels soft and when you run your hands through, it should run smoothly. If it feels anything other than soft, it is not healthy virgin hair.

●Virgin hair is usually unprocessed hair, void of any chemical. So, when you take your nostrils close and it smells like a bunch of chemicals, then you have your answers. You must be subtle about the smelling exercise, you don’t want to get knocked out smelling hairs.

●The burn test is also effective in checking out healthy hair. Burn a strand and check if it smells like human hair, if it doesn’t, you can’t invest in that hair.