How to Prevent Virign Malaysian Hair Weave from Shedding?
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How to Prevent Virign Malaysian Hair Weave from Shedding?

How to Prevent Virign Malaysian Hair Weave from Shedding?

Malaysian virgin hair is among the group of natural hair weave that is available in the market for sale and getting a good quality of this natural hair is the number one secret to preventing virgin Malaysian hair weave from shedding. With a lot of clones in the market, one needs to do a lot of research and genuine review to make sure you will not be wasting your money on a clone because these hair cost a lot of money.

Malaysian Hair Weave

What Is Shedding

Shedding is when long strands remove from your virginhair weft. This can be embarrassing and maybe because your wefts are loosing up and the strands can no longer stay on the tracks.It is not the same as breaking because breaking has to do with dry, brittle hair. This is where the quality of production matters, where manufacturers of these products are expected to pay more attention to the wefts during production, making sure each hair strand is closely packed tightly together. When this has been checked the rest depends on how we handle the virgin Malaysian hair weave.

Wash With Shampoo

After getting our natural hair from the market, it is advisable to wash the natural hair with shampoo to make sure the hair has not been dyed. During washing make sure to be very careful not to soak the weft in water for too long because this mistake will cause the weft to loosen, and as a result, the strands may shed during maintenance. After the shampooing, apply a conditioner and allow it to sit for some time before the final rinse. Air-dry it and apply for a leave-in conditioner and hair oil before weaving. This is done because you usually will not be required to treat it as a real natural hair.

Sew Around The Weft

When sewing the natural hair onto the scalp’s underlying track, make sure to sew around the weft. Most hair weavers belief sewing through the weft makes it stay longer, this is a misconception, because doing this break the weft and eventually lose it. Another common practice is to cut the extra weft off; this cut edge should be properly sewn back or glued in using either hair glue or heat. By doing this, you are locking in the strand on that edge.

Too much manipulation of Malaysian hair weave should be avoided. Practices like excessive combing or brushing should be reduced. In cases whereby it becomes necessary to brush, make sure to brush from starting from the tips to the top. Use a water spray to apply moisture before brushing. Also covering your natural hair before going to bed helps to prevent shedding caused by excessive movement during our sleep.
With all these in check, taking care of our natural hair becomes very easy. Washing less, applying conditioners, blow-drying and rocking our natural hair becomes a reality.


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