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Closure Wig VS Frontal Wig | Elfin Hair

What is the frontal wig?

A frontal wig is that a wig with an ear-to-ear hand-made lace piece at the front, and the other part is all machine-made. The most popular human hair frontal wigs are 13x4 frontal wigs and 13x6 frontal wigs.

Features of lace frontal wigs:

1. Natural Hairline: The lace frontal wig can create a complete hairline. It is an ideal option for those who suffer from a thin hairline.

2. Versatile Styling: You can pull all the hair back and make a ponytail or wind your hair to the top of your head and make a top knot. Or you can also part your front hair into two sections and braid then back to make French braids on the front. Human hair lace front wigs are available to make almost all types of hairstyles.

3. Premium breathability: Generally speaking, the lace frontal wig is more breathable than the lace closure wig. Cause the more lace is the more breathability is, for wigs.
frontal wig vs closure wig

What is the closure wig?

A closure wig is that a wig with a piece of temple-to-temple hand-made lace part in the middle of the head, which the sizes of the lace part commonly come in 4x4 inches, 5x5 inches, and the other part is all machine-made. 

The lace closure wig is a perfect choice for women who have a few balding spots and the balding area is small, can be easily covered by a 4x4 lace closure. 

There are several types of lace closure wigs in the market: middle part closure wigs, free part closure wigs, etc.

Features of lace closure wigs:

1. Parting freely: With a free part lace wig, you are available to part anywhere you like.

2. Affordable price: Commonly, a lace closure wig is much cheaper than a lace frontal wig.
closure wig vs frontal wig

Differences between closure wig and frontal wig

Both lace closure wigs and lace frontal wigs are comfortable to wear and easy to install. But there are also some differences between them:

1. Sizes of the lace piece: A frontal lace wig is typically in the size range of 13 x 4 inches. A closure wig always comes in a square shape of 4 x 4 inches. Both frontal wigs and closure wigs can be customized to be larger or smaller to fit your head size perfectly at Elfin Hair. If you have a custom demand, welcome to chat with Elfin hair's consultant online.

2. Breathability: The lace frontal wig is more breathable than the lace closure wig. Cause the more lace is the more breathability is, for wigs.

3. Price: Commonly, a lace closure wig is much cheaper than a lace frontal wig.

How long does a lace front wig last?

Generally speaking, a high-quality human hair lace front wig can be last at least one year with proper care.

Tips to take good care of the lace front wig:

1. Don't wear a lace front wig for more than 6 weeks.

2. Remove the wig before going to bed.

3. Don't wash your wig too frequently.

4. Comb your wig before washing it.

5. Do deep conditions regularly.

6. Let the wig air dry after washing.

How to install a frontal wig with adhesives?

Step 1: Wash your natural hair before installing a wig.

Step 2: Braid your hair into cornrows, make your natural hair as flat as possible.

Step 3: Put on a wig cap, stretch your wig cap to cover the hairline and all cornrows.

Step 4: Prepare your skin, spray some alcohol along your hairline.

Step 5: Put on your wig and test if it fits well to your head before applying adhesives.

Step 6: Trim the lace along your natural hairline with a scissor.

Step 7: Remove the wig and set it aside.

Step 8: Apply the adhesives along your hairline with a makeup brush.

Step 9: Put on the wig, adjust the wig to cover the entire hairline firstly and then adjust the back of the wig.

Step 10: Comb your wig and do hairstyles you like.


If you have a sensitive scalp, you click and read more details in our previous guide about how to install a human hair wig without glue.


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