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Tape-in Vs. Clip-in Extensions

If you follow the latest hairstyle and wig trends, you must have noticed that tape-in extensions and clip-in hair extensions are really a hit right now. These hair extensions are slayed by celebrities and beauty lovers on Youtube and Instagram, and they really look very lovely. We know that women struggle with which one to choose. Here in this post, we will show you the similarities and differences between clip-in and tape-in. We hope that it can be helpful for you when you are buying hair extensions.
tape in extensions before and after

Similarities of tape-in and clip-in extensions:

Damage-free to natural hair: 

The installation of tape-in extensions and clip-in extensions requires no glue or heat. They are friendly for those who suffer from sensitive scalps. With proper installation and maintenance, tape-ins and clip-ins will never harm your natural hair. Just remember to take them off in time to give your natural hair a break.

Seamless and realistic results: 

Both tape-in extensions and clip-in extensions can blend well with your natural hair and achieve a realistic effect with proper installation. It's difficult for someone to tell that you are wearing hair extensions, even if you pull all the hair up into a high ponytail.

Easy to install and remove: 

Compared with sew-in hair, both tape-in hair extensions and clip-in hair extensions are easy to install and remove. With tape-ins, you just need to peel away the tab and stick the tape to your hair in a sandwich way. With clip-ins, you just need to open the clips and attach the hair extensions to your hair and then close the clips.

Long-lasting and reusable: 

If your tape-in hair extensions and clip-in extensions are made of 100% human hair, they can last for up to one year with proper care. And with proper maintenance, installation, and removal, both tape-in extensions and clip-in extensions can be reusable for several applications during their lifespan.


Tape-in extensions require less time to install and remove. And with clip-ins, you won't need to pay a visit to the salon to install and remove. Compared to sew-in hair, they save a lot of time in the dressing and removal process.

Breathable and comfortable for wearing: 

Both tape-in extensions and clip-in extensions can be attached to your natural hair directly without a wig cap, so they provide premium breathability and comfort.
kinky straight tape-in hair extensions

Differences between tape-in and clip-in extensions:

Their installation process is different: 

As their name implies, tape-in hair is to stick two pieces of tape-in extensions together with your natural hair in between, while clip-in hair is to attach clip-in hair extensions to your hair roots with the small clips on the weaves. 

Clip-in hair can be easily applied and removed at home:

With clip-ins, you don't need to pay a visit to the salon to install, take off, or reapply the hair extensions. It can be completely DIY at home. Although the process of installing and removing tape-in hair is quite easy, to achieve a natural illusion and better protect your natural hair and tape-in extensions, you'd better get them done by a professional stylist in a salon.

Clip-in extensions are more suitable for temporary occasions.

You will feel uncomfortable while sleeping with clip-ins on your head. So you need to take them off every night before sleep. Additionally, this makes the clip-in extensions more suitable for temporary events, such as a date or a party. But tape-in extensions can stay on your head for up to 5-8 weeks.

Clip-in hair saves money on dressing hair in the salon:

Tape-in hair extensions require more upkeep and you may need to visit the salon to take them off and reapply them every 5-8 weeks. While the installation and removal of clip-in extensions can quickly be done by yourself at home. That's why clip-in hair extensions are typically more budget-friendly than tape-in hair extensions. 
clip-in vs tape-in hair extensions

Clip-in vs. tape-in extensions, which one should you go for?

To determine which way is better for you depends more on your hair texture, your lifestyle, and the occasions.

If you have oily natural hair, or you sweat a lot, tape-in extensions should not be a wise choice for you. Since the oil can loosen the tape and cause the hair extensions to slip off. 

Maybe you are searching for the quickest and easiest way to lengthen and plump your natural hair at home with your pair of hands. Or maybe you are searching for quick hair extensions that you can throw on and head out for a Saturday night party. Then you should give clip-in extensions a try.

If you don't want to reinstall your hair extensions every morning or spend time taking them off every night, sew-in weave and tape-in extensions that can last for a relatively long time should be better for you.


Actually, both clip-in and tape-in hair extensions have their advantages and disadvantages. They can both provide a natural and seamless hair look and boost your charms and confidence. Apart from the occasions, your hair texture, and your lifestyle, another critical factor you need to take into consideration is to make sure the hair extensions you buy are made of 100% cuticle-aligned human hair. Only high-quality human hair extensions can last for a long time, can be reusable, and can be restyled as you desire.

So where can you get high-quality hair extensions at an unbeatable price? Hey, my sweetie, you are already in the right place. Elfin Hair provides affordable clip-in hair extensionsclip-in ponytails, and tape-in hair extensions that are made of 100% human hair. More than 12 textures are designed for the black hair of your choice. Click to explore!


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