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What are knotless braids?

What are knotless braids?

Braid is one acceptable and popular hairstyle across the world. Yet, there are various types of braid out there that might be confusing to some people. Two of those styles are knotless braids and knot braids. Despite their popularity, many people still don't know the difference between the two. And those that know the difference are trying to figure out which to go for. This article will discuss in detail what knotless and knot braids are. We will also share tips on how to figure out which one you should go with. 
Knotless box braids

What are knotless braids?

Just as the name implies, knotless braids are braids that have no knots at the base. When creating this look, your stylist will braid your hair first, then gradually feed extensions into it. This technique makes the braid painless with less tension.

What are knots braids?

Knots braids (also known as box braids) are braids with knots at the base of the hair. This knot is used to secure the extension to the root of your mane. The size of the knot depends on the size of the braid you are making.

Pros and cons of knotless braids

While knotless braids have many benefits, they also have some drawbacks. And we are going to discuss that in this section.

Pros of knotless braids


One of the benefits of knotless braids is that they are painless. And this is because you braid your hair for a while before feeding in the extension. This way, there will be no tension on your scalp, thus, making it as painless as possible.


Because you do not start the base of knotless braids with extensions, they require less extension compared to knot braids. For this reason, knotless braids are lightweight on your head. Thus, offering you comfort.

Looks more natural

The stylist starts knotless braids by braiding the natural hair before feeding in extensions. This makes the braid look very natural on you.

Styling flexibility

Another benefit of knotless braid is styling flexibility. Because it has no tension at the scalp, you do not need to wait for the tension to lessen before styling it the way you want.

Cons of knotless braids

Quite expensive

Knotless braid is still a relatively new style and requires an intrinsic installation technique. Thus, it is expensive. Besides, you will have to pay for the stylist's time.

Takes longer to install

Another drawback to making a knotless braid is that it takes longer to install. Remember, you will gradually feed extensions into the braid, and this takes time. So, you might have to sit for a while when making knotless braids.

They don't last long.

Knotless braids also do not last as long as knot braids. This is because some of your natural hair is exposed. Thus, it is at risk of frizz, which might cause the hair to look rough in a short time. So for those wondering about how long knotless braids last, it is about 6 to 7 weeks.

Pros and cons of knots braids

For knot braids as well, there are some benefits as well as drawbacks. They will be discussed in this section.

Pros of knots braids

Easy and fast installation

One of the benefits of knot braids is that they are easy and fast to install. You start the braid with an extension knotted to the root, and you do not feed in more extensions again till you finish it. Therefore, it is faster compared to knotless braids. On the other hand, unlike knotless braids, you can easily make knot braids by yourself. This means that they are DIY-friendly. You can watch some YouTube videos to guide you. 

Less expensive

Another benefit of knot braids is that they are less expensive. They have been quite popular for a while, and they do not require any special technique. So the price for this style is low. Besides, its installation process is fast, so you do not need to pay much for the stylist's style.

Fully protects your hair.

Even though both knotless and knot braids are protective styles, one protects the hair more than the other. With knot braids, the extension fully covers your hair from external factors that can cause frizz. And this makes the hair last longer than knotless braids. Its durability is about 10 to 11 weeks.

Cons of knots braids

Adds tension

When making knots braid, the extension is knotted to the root of your natural hair to secure the extension. This knot adds tension to the scalp and makes it painful. 

Feels heavy on the head 

Because you start with an extension at the root, you will need more extensions for this braid. More extensions mean more weight. Thus, this hairstyle feels heavy on your head and might make you feel a little bit uncomfortable.

Should I get knotless or knotted braids?

You are now probably thinking, "Knotted vs. knotless braid, which one should I go for?" Well, there is no right answer to this. The one you go for depends on your hair, time, and budget. However, here are some tips that can guide you to choose the one suitable for you;


If you have a sensitive scalp, you should opt for knotless braids, as they are painless and cause no tension. If you want braids that will last longer, then braids with knots are your best bet. For those that are aiming to get braids that are natural-looking, you can choose knotless braids. And if you want a style you can DIY, you should go for braids with knots.

Final thoughts

Both knotted and knotless braids are fastly becoming trendy hairstyles. Thus, you might find it difficult to choose the one you want to go for. We hope that with this article, we have made the choice easier for you. If you are looking for quality extensions that you can use for your braids, you can check out Elfinhair. We also have them available in different colors in case you want to experiment with colors. Check Elfinhair today for quality extensions.