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U Part Wig

U part wig is available to give you an extremely quick and natural wearing experience. Elfin Hair provides human hair u part wigs in different densities and colors. Welcome to explore affordable curly u part wigs, kinky straight u part wigs, kinky curly u part wigs, u part bob wigs at Elfin Hair.  All our u part wigs are made of 100% human hair, soft, smooth, shiny, with no shedding, no tangling.

What's U part wig?

U part wig is now one of the most trendy partial wigs. Its special u-shape opening on the top allows you to leave out a part of natural hair to make a more natural-looking finish. It achieves an ideal balance of a voluminous illusion and easy-to-manage.

Benefits of U part wig:

Natural: The break of natural hair from the weaves makes the U part wig looks natural and blend well with your natural hair. 

Cheaper: Typically, a human hair U part wig costs less than other types of human hair lace wig, since it has no lace. But some may be concerned about is these no lace wigs hot and uncomfortable? Actually, you don't need to worry about this, Elfin Hair's u part wigs feature a soft and lightweight cap design, it's breathable and comfortable for wearing.

No glue, no lace, no sew-in needed: U part wig is also a convenient and time-saving option since you don't need to apply the glue or sew-in. U part wigs are absolutely a beginner-friendly option.

Versatile: U part wig human hair offers more versatility when it comes to sectioning out your natural hair and restyle. it gives a portion of your natural hair a break from weaves and freedom to style the edges. 

If you wanna know more details about the differences between u part wigs and sew-in wigs, click and go through our previous post: Should You Get a U-part Wig or A Sew-in Wig?

How to install a u-part wig?

Step 1: Determine Where To Leave Out

Place a u-part wig on your head so that you can know how much hair you need to leave out approximately. This can help you to make a more natural and seamless look.

Step 2: Part Your Natural Hair

Leave out a portion of hair to match the u-shape opening. You can also choose to leave out some edge hair to make your hairline looks natural.

Step 3: Gel Or Braid Your Natural Hair 

If you have short hair, apply some hair gel to your natural hair to make it flat. If you have long hair, simply braid your remaining hair as flat as possible.

Step 4: Put on the wig

Put the u-part wig on your head, clip it into your braids. Adjust the strap and clips to make your wig possibly fit and flat.

Step 5: Style your wig

Release and comb your natural hair that part along to make it blend well with the wig. In this way, the u-part wig gives you an extremely natural and gorgeous finish. And you can choose to curl or straighten the leave out to make the wig more invisible and natural.

How long do u-part wigs last?

U part wig made with 100% human hair can last from 6 months and a year with proper care.

FAQ about U part wig:

1. Do Elfin Hair u part wig all come in one size? 

Yes, our u part wigs come at an average size (head circumference: 54cm-58cm), which can flatter most head sizes. If you wanna get a smaller or bigger one, feel free to reach our consultants.

2. How long does it take for shipping?

--- USA, Canada, Australia: 2-3 business days.

--- UK, France, Germany, Italy, etc. : 3-4 business days

--- Africa: 4-5 business days

3. Can I shower or swim with a u-part wig on?

Yes, absolutely.

4. Can I sleep in a u-part wig?

Sleeping in your wig is not recommended. You'd better take off the wig before going to bed or you can choose to wrap your wig with a silk craft. U part wig is easy to take off.