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Hot Fusion Vs. Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

To flatter beauty lovers, there are various extension methods available to add length and volume to natural hair. Some words sound similar, which may make girls feel confused, especially those new to the weave game. Hot fusion hair extensions and cold fusion hair extensions apply hair extensions strand by strand. However, as their names imply, hot fusion extensions use heat to attach hair extensions to natural hair, while applying cold fusion extensions requires no heat.

Here in this post, we're going to talk about the difference between hot fusion hair extensions and cold fusion hair extensions. If you also feel confused about these two extension methods and wonder which way to go, just keep scrolling. 
hot fusion vs cold fusion hair extensions

What are hot fusion hair extensions?

Hot fusion extensions come with keratin-based bonds on the roots. This extension method uses heat to attach the keratin bonds to natural hair strand by strand. Similar to cold fusion hair extensions, the installation of hot fusion extensions requires some special tools and takes a few hours. The stylist sections your natural hair into small strands and places a plastic separator around the strand to protect your scalp from heat. And then the stylist uses heat to fuse the keratin bond to attach hair extension to the natural hair strand. It's one of the oldest ways to transform hairstyles.

What are cold fusion hair extensions?

Cold fusion hair extensions, also known as I-tip hair extensions, microlinks, microbead extensions, etc. This hair extension method is also applied strand by strand but without using heat. Microlinks are applied by weaving small sections of natural hair into a microbead. The stylist threads the hair through the bead and then uses a special plier to clamp down the bead to attach the hair extension to natural hair. It's a safe, seamless, and versatile extension method to create a fuller and thicker hair look.
microlinks for black hair

How much do fusion hair extensions cost?

Fusion hair extensions attach hair extensions to natural hair strand by strand. The whole dress process takes a few hours, so the price of dressing fusion hair extensions is quite expensive. The fusion hair extensions cost anywhere from $200-$500, varying depending on your area and your stylist.

How long do cold fusion hair extensions last?

Typically, hot fusion hair extensions can last for 3 months with proper extension technique and maintenance.

As for cold fusion hair extensions, they can last on one's head for about 10-12 weeks if you take proper care of them. 

Can fusion hair extensions damage your natural hair?

Some girls may worry about whether hot fusion hair extensions will damage their natural hair. Actually, the bonds are made of keratin, a material that is mild and safe for your natural hair and scalp. With proper applying technique and care, hot fusion hair extensions are also a safe extension solution that never damages natural hair. It works well for those who have thick and healthy hair.

Cold fusion hair extensions have a long history of being one of the safest extension solutions. The cold fusion method uses no heat or glue to apply hair extensions, thereby ensuring a seamless look and a healthy result.
microbeads for black hair

Cold fusion hair extensions pros and cons


  • Safe: The installation and removal of microlink extensions require no glue and no heat. It is damage-free, ideal for those who have thick and healthy hair and desire a fuller hair look.
  • Seamless appearance: Fusion hair extensions that are made of 100% human hair blend well with natural hair. The secret to achieving an undetectable result with fusion hair extensions is to leave out a small portion of natural hair around the head circumference. In this way, even if you pull all your hair into a high ponytail, it's nearly impossible for someone to notice that you are wearing hair extensions.                                                                     
  • Long-lasting: Although fusion hair extensions take a few hours to install, they are durable and longer-lasting than other hair extension methods. Typically, with proper care, fusion hair extensions can last for 2-3 months with proper installation and maintenance.
  • Versatile in styling: Fusion hair extensions blend well with your natural hair. They allow you to slay any hairstyles you desire: ponytails, braids, plaits, twists, buns, half-up half-down, etc. 


  • Expensive: Cold fusion hair extensions are applied in strands. And the installation and removal processes take a few hours and require more patience than other extension methods. Thus, the cost of microlink installation and removal is often expensive. 
  • Not suitable for thin and damaged hair: Microlink extensions are recommended for those with hair from 4-5 inches. If your natural hair is so short that it barely covers the bondings, it looks unnatural. What's more, cold fusion hair extensions are also not a wise choice for those who have damaged hair. 
  • hot fusion hair extensions

Hot fusion hair extensions pros and cons


  • Safe: The bonds of hot fusion hair extensions are made of keratin. This material is friendly to the sensitive scalp and damage-free. With proper dressing techniques, hot fusion hair extensions are safe for natural hair and scalp.
  • Natural appearance: Hot fusion hair extensions blend perfectly with natural hair. It's nearly impossible for someone to notice that you are wearing hair extensions unless you tell them even if they observe your hair from a very close distance.
  • Durable: Although installation and removal take several hours, hot fusion hair extensions can last on your head for a few months. It's ideal for those who desire a long-term extension solution. With proper wearing technique and care, hot fusion extensions can be firmly attached to your natural hair and won't slide off.
  • Versatile: Similar to cold fusion hair extensions, hot fusion hair extensions also allow you to rock any hairstyle you desire. With fusion hair extensions you can style, wash and color your hair extensions as you normally would. 
  • Comfortable: Hot fusion hair extensions are comfortable to wear since they are bonded with keratin instead of tape tabs, silicone beads, etc. Hot fusion hair extensions bring less weight to your scalp. It's lightweight and comfortable for long-term wear. What's more, with hot fusion hair extensions, you don't need to braid your natural hair into tight cornrows, which also gives your natural hair a break. 


  • Take a long time to install and remove: Although hot fusion hair extensions can last for a few months, the application process requires quite a long time. You should be prepared to sit in a chair at a salon for several hours. To achieve a natural appearance and ensure a long-lasting result, the whole dressing process takes a long time and should be done very carefully.
  • Have to be applied and removed by a pro: The installation process of hot fusion hair extensions has to be done by an experienced stylist. This extension method doesn't allow you to do it yourself. Since the installation procedure requires using heat, DIY at home may damage your natural hair and scalp. What's more, some say that hot fusion hair extensions cause headaches. This happens because the hair extensions are attached too close to the scalp. This leads to extra tension on the scalp. Thus, hot fusion hair extensions should be applied by a specialist.

Differences between hot fusion hair extensions and cold fusion hair extensions: 

Different from other weaving methods, fusion hair extensions are attached strand by strand individually. There are two ways to wear fusion hair extensions. Hot fusion hair extensions are applied using heat while cold fusion hair extensions are applied by using a plier to clamp down the beads. 

Both cold fusion hair extensions and hot fusion hair extensions have their advantages and disadvantages. Although the installation process of fusion hair extensions takes a long time, they do last a long time. 

However, cold fusion hair extensions are less damaging than hot fusion hair extensions. 

  1. Applying hot fusion hair extensions requires heat which can burn the hair and damage your scalp. 
  2. Cold fusion hair extensions are easier and safer when it comes to the removal process. To remove microlinks, the stylist just needs to clamp down and restore the beads to a round shape. Acetone is often required to remove hot fusion hair extensions, a harmful chemical.


Cold fusion hair extensions are much safer and damage-free than hot fusion hair extensions. But the installation of cold fusion hair extensions does require you to sit in the salon for a few hours. Fusion hair extensions are ideal for those who are seeking a long-term hair extension solution. If you desire a quick and easy extension method that allows you to rock at home by yourself, tape-in hair extensions and clip-in hair extensions are wise choices. Click and browse through our comprehensive guide about tape-in hair extensions

Elfin Hair provides affordable human hair extensions for black hair in various textures, colors, and lengths. All our hair extensions are of high quality, made of 100% real human hair. They are clean, durable, and blend well with black hair. Moreover, our hair extensions have gained a great number of positive reviews from our global customers. 

Elfin Hair Microlinks Reviews:

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  • I am very impressed with the quality of this hair! Also, is true to the picture, very beautiful! 5 stars for the quality and how fast my order came. Thank you!--Bea***
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We hope that this post can help you to clear up all your confusion about fusion hair extensions. If you're not sure which extension method to go for, feel free to reach our sales consultants online, they're always pleased to help you.


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