How to Apply Your Lace Front Wig for a Natural Look?
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How to Apply Your Lace Front Wig for a Natural Look?

How to Apply Your Lace Front Wig for a Natural Look?

Lace wigs are known for looking natural when worn. Lace wigs have the great benefit of using special lace front netting which allows them to be blended in with your natural hairline, with the end result being a very natural look that can’t be achieved in any other way.

When it comes to lace front wigs human hair, people have many questions. Why do people prefer them? And how do you put them on? Let’s tackle these two important questions to discover how you can apply your lace front for a more natural look when you’re wearing wigs.

Why Lace Front Wigs Look More Natural?

The key to applying lace wigs for a natural look is understanding why they look more natural compared to other types of wigs. Wigs without a lace front often have a thick line at the hairline which is a dead giveaway that it’s a wig; the way that most people get around this is by buying wigs with bangs or side bangs that allow you to cover up the obviously fake hairline.

A lace front wig, on the other hand, uses special delicate lace netting. This lace netting is fine enough to blend in with your natural hairline, and when you apply it properly, the hair in your wig looks like it’s coming from your actual scalp. But how do you get it looking natural? Read on to find out.

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How to Apply a Lace Front More Naturally?

In order to apply a lace wigs, you’ll need to follow the following steps.
One: Flatten your hair against your head by either putting it in a flat bun or braids.
Two: Apply a secure wig cap over your hair, being sure to tuck in any stray strands.
Three: Cleanse the skin in front of your hairline, then swab it with rubbing alcohol and let dry.
Four: Apply a lace front adhesive to the skin, either tape or a liquid bond adhesive.
Five: Gently place your wig on your head, making sure that it’s adjusted to your head size before gently lining it up with your natural hairline.
Six: Press the lace trim of the wig against the adhesive to secure it.
Seven: Blend the edges of your wig for a more natural appearance. To do this, comb a small amount of your real hair forward, so that it blends with your natural hairline, reducing any of the falseness that the lace hairline may have.

Additional Ways to Make Your Lace Front Look More Natural.

You can also try out these tricks to make your lace front wig look more natural. Widen the part if the part is too thin, as thin parts look more obviously fake. Wisp out “baby hairs” from the wig along your hairline rather than blending them. “Mess” your style up a bit so that it doesn’t appear too perfect; messy ponytails and buns are ideal for this.