T Part Wig (13x6x1 Wig): Its Description & Contrasts From Other Wigs
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T Part Wig (13x6x1 Wig): Its Description and Contrasts from Other Wigs

If you are the one who just got into wigs and to understand any wig perfectly, you need some genuine explanation and its differences to other wigs; you are at the right place. Because wigs are evolving day by day and you are not the only one who wants to know about T-part wigs and their difference between other wigs. From now on, you will know the characteristics of each wig just by their names, even if they look the same. Sounds exciting? So, let’s start.
t part wig

1. What's the meaning of T-part Wigs?

T-part wig, as the name suggests, has an only partition in T shape. That T partition is in the middle of the wig means it’s a middle part wig. The tail part (|) in “T” indicates the partition line from the front hairline to the crown of the head, which is 6 inches. On the other hand, the head part (—) in “T” indicates the wig’s lace coverage on the front hairline from ear to ear, which is 13 inches. That's why the t-part wig is also named the 13x6x1 wig.

1.1 Structure of The T-part Wig:

This section will inform you about how the T-part wig cap looks. A T-part wig consists of lace extended at the front, hair, and a cap to which hair is attached. The wig’s cap has 4 to 5 combs and an adjustable elastic band.

The lace is only at the T part to give it a natural appearance on the head. The combs are at the T shape, back, and sides of the wig to make it stay at its place. At the same time, the adjustable elastic band is also at the back of the wig, which helps you tighten the wig circumference according to your head size.
Structure of The T-part Wig

2. Benefits and Disadvantages Of T-Part Wigs

Now, let’s look at the pros and cons of a T-part wig to give you a better and deeper idea, what a T-part wig is capable of.

2.1 Benefits:

2.1.1 Convenient in Styling:

A T-part wig is like a pre-styled wig, a partition line is already created, so you don’t need to think about what style you are going to make today. Moreover, there will be no hassle in applying the wig. Therefore, it is totally beginner-friendly.

2.1.2 Budget-friendly:

As compared to other traditional wigs, the T-part wig is the most inexpensive one without compromising on quality and natural results.

2.1.3 Realistic Results:

In a T-part wig, one would get the highest lifelike results in partition line and front hairline as they can get with a high-priced lace front wig.

2.2 Disadvantages:

2.2.1 Breathability:

As you know, in the T-part wig, there is lace only at the T section. It means all other inside wigs’ cap has other material and is machine-made, which is not breathable as lace. Only the T section lace is the source for air to come in and out. It means, T-part wig is not very breathable and not suitable in summer.

2.2.2 Versatility:

T-part wig has only one partition, which is fixed. The wearer does not have the versatility to create another partition. You can’t make it a free part or create any other partition.

3. How to Wear & Style A T Part Wig?

3.1 How to wear a t-part wig?

First, wear a wig stocking cap. Apply your skin-matching foundation to the wig’s lace part and T-part. Wear a T-part frontal wig on the head—Tuck the combs at the desired place. Fasten the elastic band. Use scissors to cut the excess lace. Use adhesive to stick the front lace down at the front hairline.

3.2 How to style the t-part wig?

To make the T-part more smooth, use the hot comb. Use a straightener to straighten all hair. To make the hairline more defined, use the razor. Style the baby hair. If you want the T-part section more defined, use foundation at that place.

T Part Wig FAQ:

Can you do a side part with a t-part wig?

Since the T part wig comes with a fixed part line in the middle, it's really limited for you to change the parting on a T part wig. 

How to turn a middle part wig into a side part?

You can slide it down a little bit while installing it to create a side-part style.

4. T-part Wig VS. Lace Front Wig:

Now let’s compare the T-part wig to the lace front wig.

In the T part wig, you only have lace at the T section. The front hairline lace is 13 inches from ear to ear. Also, 6 inches lace from the front hairline to the crown of the head, and its width is 2 to 2.5 inches. The rest of the wig is machine-made.

While in the lace front wig, there is only lace involved in the wig construction. Moreover, the lace size in the lace frontal is 13 inches across and 6 inches in length, which is also the same as the T part wig.

But the difference is, in-part lace front wig, lace is at the T-section, there is no Lace on the sides of the wig. In contrast, the lace front wig has only lace which is 13 inches wide and 6 inches long. It is completely hand-tied.

Because of that, you have not limited to create the only partition in which it comes. Lace front wigs allow you to create partition lines on sides too to create different versatile hairstyles.

Moreover, the lace front wig is only hand-tied while the T-part wig is mostly machine-made so, the lace front offers high breathability.

5. V-part Wig VS. T-part Wig:

A V-part wig has a V shape opening from the front hairline to the top middle top of the head. It has combs along with its V shape, also on the back and sides of the head.

You can just make a partition on the natural hair and install the V-part wig following very close to the partition line, just leaving the parted area. Your skin will remain to show, but that does not make the V-part wig installation natural. Therefore, many women choose to wear V-part with leave outs.

So, if you have light hair, a V part-wig is not appropriate for you because it makes it more obvious that you are wearing a wig.

6. Where to Buy a T-Part Wig?

A T-part wig is more beginner-friendly than a lace front wig and provides more natural results than a V-part wig, but you can only enjoy wearing it if you got one of high quality.

For this, you must know about a trustworthy online fashion wig store. Know about us. We are Elfin Hair. We offer various types of wigs in multiple textures. The T-part wig also is one of the most popular wig collections of our store with hundreds of positive reviews. Click and view the latest human hair t-part wig at Elfin Hair.


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