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What does 150% density wig mean?

Are higher density wigs better? What does hair density mean in the wig? Have you ever felt confused about these problems while choosing a wig? Here in the post, we will focus on helping you better understand what exactly wig density is? How to choose the perfect hair density for your next wig? Keep scrolling.

Firstly, let's start from the basics. What does wig density mean? 

Wig density is a percentage that tells the wearers how much hair is on the wig. The wig density defined how thick the wig is. It commonly ranges from 60%-250%. Typically, the higher the wig density percentage is, the fuller the wig looks.
150% density bob wig

What is 150% density wig?

Some may be wondering which wig density grade is the most daily one. Yeah, 150% wig density is. It's the top-selling wig density in our store. This wig density looks a little fuller and voluminous than the average density of natural hair. It's lightweight but looks natural and thick. And it also provides more versatilities in styling. 

Explore the 150% density wigs at Elfin Hair. We offer various 150% density wigs in a variety of textures, and lengths. Welcome to choose from 150% density curly wigs, 150 density glueless wigs, 150 density 13x4 wigs, 150 density 4x4 wigs, etc.

Hair density chart:

Here is a wig density chart for your reference so that you can better understand the differences between different wig densities:

120%-130% density wig (Light hair density)

This hair density is the closest to the density of natural hair. It offers a realistic look but not a very full hair look. It's also lightweight and comfortable. This hair density is more recommended for short hair (12 inches to 14 inches).

150% density wig (Medium hair density)

This hair density is the most popular wig density. It looks fuller and thicker than regular natural hair, but not too heavy. It's an ideal option for those who desire a full hair look and suits for wearing every day. By the way, this hair density is more recommended for short to medium hair length (16 inches to 20 inches).

180% density wig (Medium hair density)

This wig density is full and thick, and a little bit heavy. But it does work to bring the wearers a fuller and peculiar hair look. What's more, this wig density also gives a lot of bounce and styling options. 180% Hair density is more recommended for 16-24 inches hair.

200% density wig (Heavy hair density)

This hair density looks full, thick, and luxurious. It's more intended for clients who desire a full and voluminous hair look. 200% Hair density is more recommended for hair lengths from 26 to 30 inches.

250% density wig (Heavy hair density)

This wig density is typically more preferred by artists and celebrities. It's not a good option for daily wear, since it's heavier and may bring some tension to your natural hair. But it does look full and luxurious. And it also offers lots of options in styling. What's more, 250% hair density is more recommended for hair lengths over 26 inches.


What is the best hair density for a wig?

When it comes to the best wig density, it depends more on your preference and your lifestyle. If you desire a lightweight and natural-looking wig for daily wear, 150%-180% hair density is a better choice. If you desire a luminous and luxurious hair look, the 180%-200% hair density can flatter you better. If you are searching for an ultra full and luxurious wig to make a head-turning look for a performance, the 250% hair density should be your ideal choice.

Apart from the results you want to achieve, there are also some factors you need to consider while choosing the wig density.

Hair Lengths: Here are the recommended hair lengths for corresponding hair densities. 

Hair Textures: curly hair and kinky hair looks fuller and thicker than silky straight hair. Therefore, to achieve the same fullness, silky straight hair may need a higher density than kinky curly hair.

Explore heavy density wigs and light density wigs at Elfin Hair. No matter if you are searching for a lightweight and natural-looking wig, or you desire a luxurious wig with heavy density, Elfin Hair has got you covered. Welcome to choose from 250% density v part wigs, 200% density U part wigs, 180% density lace front wigs, etc. Still not certain which hair density to go? Never mind, here we have listed out the most popular wig density in different textures and lengths.



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