How To Turn An Old Wig Into A Headband Wig?
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How To Turn An Old Wig Into A Headband Wig?

100% Human hair headband wig is well known for its natural appearance, easy-to-manage and versatile-in-styling, especially suitable for lazy girls, busy girls and wig beginners. Since these benefits, human hair headband wigs commonly come at a relatively expensive price. In this post, we are going to share with you how to turn an old lace front wig into a headband wig, if you are interested in this topic, go ahead and keep reading. If you are also interested in how to make a headband wig by yourself with bundles, you can click and read our previous post.
Elfin Hair Headband Wig

What you will need to transform a lace front wig into a headband wig?

An old lace front wig (both 13x4 lace front wig and 13x6 lace front wig are available), a velcro, a velvet band, needle and thread, a pair of scissors, a mannequin head, a brush, some t pins, some ponytail holders.

To turn an old wig into a headband wig step by step:

It's pretty easy to transform a lace wig into a no glue wig, it may just take you 0.5-1 hour to finish the whole project. Let's start now.

Step 1: Prepare your lace front wig.

Put the lace wig on the mannequin head and use a brush to comb the wig to loosen the knots.

Step 2: Cut the front section of the wig

Separate the lace front section of the wig into two equal sections and mark the middle position of the lace front on the mannequin head. And then cut off the whole lace front section boldly. Cause the lace front is fragile, easy to get ripped, and can't be sewed with a headband.

Step 3: Secure and sew the headband into the wig

Fold the velvet headband half to find the middle position of the band, mark this position. And then use t-pins to secure the headband to the mannequin head, make sure that the middle of the velvet band overlaps at the middle of the lace front we just marked. After you secure the band, move the wig a little forward to cover a small section of the velvet band. Remember to leave some room to sew the wig onto the headband. Pin the wig on the mannequin head, and then use the needle and thread to sew the wig onto the headband.

Step 4: Sew the velcro onto the velvet band

After sewing the wig front onto the band, put the wig on your head and stretch the band slightly, so that the headband can wrap your head stably and comfortably, and then mark the overlap of the band ends to find the correct position to sew in the velcro. Mark the position roughly. And then we can start to sew the velcro onto the band with the needle and thread.

Step 5: Adjust the wig to make it look natural

After sewing, the stitching between the velvet band and the wig may look a little bit obvious but never mind. The stitching can be covered by the scarf while installation. And you can fold the velvet band backward to cover the stitching before wearing a scarf. And the headband wig now is finished.

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