How to do Pre-Plucked Lace Wig?
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How to do Pre-Plucked Lace Front Wigs?

How to do Pre-Plucked Lace Front Wigs?

Pre-plucked lace front wigs are amongst the trendiest fashion items this days, they are one of the most loved African American wigs obtainable. A key feature that has made it a mainstay African American wig is the pre-plucked lace front, it makes it come off looking like a natural hairline, thus when a pre-plucked lace front wig is worn it seamlessly combines with the whole facial structure such that the difference can never be told. This article will chronicle the steps to take in rocking your pre-plucked lace front wigs:

1.Put on a wig cap:
This is the first step to take. You should flatten your hair and then put on the wig cap. Be careful to make sure that all your natural hair is inside the wig cap.

2.Cleansing and protecting the hairline:
This step is very important as it helps in removing excess oils from the skin in and around your hairline. Use a clean cloth or cotton ball dabbed with a mild cleanser to cleanse the entirety of your hairline so that when adhesive is added, it sticks properly. Another imperative step to be taken is to apply a scalp protecting gel to the skin in and around your hairline, this will help immensely if you possess sensitive skin.

3.Test on the wig:
This is pretty self explanatory. This is where you put on the wig and make necessary adjustments i.e. Loosening or tightening the straps around the wig as the case maybe. When the snugness is taken care of, it's then time to trim the lace of the wig. Trim the lace in small portions so as to avoid taking off more quantity than is required.

lace front wigs

4.Permanent Fitting:
After step 3, take off the wig and apply a quality adhesive in and around your entire hairline, this is to help the wig bond with your scalp properly. Read the instructions on the box of any adhesive used to get advice on the time it takes for the adhesive to dry properly, this is so you know when to apply the wig.

5.Alignment and Styling:
Once the lace front wigs is re-applied, it is important it remains in tandem with your hairline, this is so that it retains a natural look. Then, apply firm pressure to the edges of the wig just so it sticks to the adhesive properly. There you have it, your wig is on. You can style it with different combs, brushes and products, it all depends on the material from which your pre-plucked lace front wigs is made of.

This lace front wigs is very easy to apply and as said before, it is one of the most trendiest African American wigs available because of its natural look and perfect fit when applied properly.

In closing, when applying your pre-plucked lace front wigs and you run into any difficulty, it is advisable to seek the help of a hair professional to bail you out. Fabulousness awaits you!