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How To Revive A Curly Headband Wig?

Headband wigs that are made with 100% human hair commonly come at a high price. Maybe you have used your curly headband wig for a long time and the wig now is getting tangled or matted? Or maybe some curls pattern of your old wig has also gone, and you didn't plan to buy a new wig. Just keep reading, we are going to share with you how to restore a curly headband wig in this post.
Elfin Hair headband wig

Revive a headband wig with the boiling method:

Step 1: Brush the wig

Use a wide-tooth comb to brush the wig to loosen the tangles and knots as possible.

Step 2: Prepare a boiling spa for your headband wig

Boil about 2 liters of water and fill the washbasin with boiling water. And then pump some hair conditioner into the washbasin and blend the water. 

Step 3: Put your headband wig into the boiling water and wait for the reaction

Gently drop your old headband wig into the boiling water and make sure the headband wig is thoroughly covered by the water. Leave the headband wig in the water for about 20 minutes.

Step 4: Rinse the wig with lukewarm water

Rinse the wig with headband under a tap with flowing warm water and use a wide-tooth brush to comb the hair as gently as possible. Some tangled hair strands may be shed in this step, so be careful as you can. Or you can use a pair of scissors to cut the stubborn knots on the wig if necessary.

Step 5: Blot your wig with a towel and let it air dry

Use a soft towel to absorb the excess water off the wig, set the wig to a mannequin head and let the wig air dry.

Step 6: Spray some hair oil to your wig

Massage your headband wig with a small amount of hair oil to make the wig looks shiny and bouncy.


Boiling hair is an easy and quick way to revive a damaged human hair wig. If you don't want to put your wig in boiling water, of course, there is still a milder method to restore your damaged curly headband wig.

Revive a curly headband wig with deep conditioner:

Step 1: Wet the wig

Rinse your headband wig under the flowing warm water. Warm water can help to soften the hair strands of the wig. Squeeze out the excess water after you have wet the whole wig.

Step 2: Apply the hair mask to the wig

Apply some hair mask to the wig evenly to restore and moisturize the hair strands. And then wait for about 15-20 minutes for the reaction. This can also help to prevent your wig from shedding and tangling. Use your fingers to massage the wig from the top to the ends to ensure that the hair mask can be absorbed more thoroughly.

Step 3: Use a wide-tooth comb to brush the wig

Comb the headband wig with a wide-tooth comb from the top to the ends. Since the conditioner is still residual on the wig, it's quite easy to comb the wig. But you still need to be as gentle as you can to avoid unnecessary shedding.

Step 4: Rinse the wig

Rinse the wig with flowing warm water again to remove the residual conditioner. And you can use your fingers to comb the wig from the top to the ends. 

Step 5: Shampoo your wig

Use a mild shampoo to wash your wig gently. And then squeeze off the excess water.

Step 6: Apply a hair conditioner to your wig

Apply a deep conditioner to the hair end. You can use a comb to distribute the deep conditioner evenly and thoroughly. And then, wrap the wig with a soft towel and let the deep conditioner sit for about 20-40 minutes. It will be better if you can use a heat cap or blower-dryer to heat the wig to promote the absorption of the deep conditioner.

Step 7: Rinse the headband wig again and let it air dry

Rinse the wig again with the warm water and soak up the wig with a soft towel, and then set the wig at a mannequin head to let the wig air dry.

The curls pattern of high-quality headband wigs that are made with 100% human virgin hair can be successfully revived with the above mention methods. But it maybe doesn't work at the synthetic hair wig. Actually, you don't need to struggle to find a way to restore the wig, if you just wanna save your money, why not try to buy an affordable headband wig directly from Elfin Hair. Welcome to explore the best cheap headband wig at Elfin Hair!

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