Three Ways To Curl Virgin Malaysian Hair Extensions Without Hair Curler?
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Three Ways To Curl Virgin Malaysian Hair Extensions Without Hair Curler?

Three Ways To Curl Virgin Malaysian Hair Extensions Without Hair Curler?

Curls are always flawless on all hair types and virgin hair extensions. Curling irons, blow dryers and other forms of electrical curlers may seem to do the magic for a while, and give you perfect curls, but after some time it could damage your hair, thus making them look dull, frizzy and rough. The Good news is that your flawlessly full curls can be achieved easily without the use of hair Curler or other expensive and harmful equipment and what's important? It's extra cheap. Below are three Ways to curl your virgin Malaysian hair extensions without hair curler.

1) Achieve Natural waves through braids. First things first, Begin with washing and conditioning.

Then comb out carefully to ensure there are no tangles as these can be a show spoiler. Use a towel to take out the excess water. Allow your hair to dry until it is damp. Begin to braid your damp extensions into two pigtails. Then use a rubber band or hair tie to secure the tips.

On the other hand, if you desire looser-looking waves, braid your virgin hair into one instead of parting them. You may also decide to make a fishtail braid which is good, if he strips should have more length than your extensions.Let your hair remain in braids until it is perfectly dry. When your hair is dry, take out the rubber bands and unbraid your hair. Gently run your fingers through your hair to create natural-looking waves.

2)Creating Roller Curls. You can purchase your rollers at any beauty shop.
When purchasing, compare the size of the rollers to the length of your virgin hair. Big rollers will give your hai big and lengthy curls while small ones will leave you with small and short curls., Next, shampoo and condition your extensions after which you would proceed to take out the excess water with a towel. Leave the extension until it is damp. Then start curling.

Comb your hair thoroughly to ensure there are zero tangles before you begin creating your curls. Use a tail comb yo divide a small section of your hair. Roll the hair divided into one of the rollers. Proceed to pin the roller in place. Do this till your entire extension is rolled.Leave the hair that way for a couple of hours. Minimum of four hours. This would enable your virgin hair set. Once it is dry, take out the rollers carefully. There you have it, your amazing curls are set.

3) T-Shirt creates Tight Curls.
This may sound strange. however, begin by washing and conditioning your extensions. Then carefully run through it with a comb to help get rid of all tangles. Use a soft towel to take out the excess water. Leave your extensions until it is damp. Cut a t-shirt you don't care for anymore into long strips. The strips should have more length than your extensions. Cut from the neck all the way to the hem. Do this until you have enough strips out of your shirt.

Let the size of the strips be equal to the type of curls you desire out of your hair. For tiny curls, the strips should be 1 inch (2.5 centimeters) wide and for bigger or looser curls, they should be about 3 inches (7.6 centimeters) wide.In the absence of a t-shirt shirt, other items of clothing can be used. Such as long socks, dish towelsand even paper bags. Begin to roll your hair. Separate a small section of your hair using a comb. Place the bottom of a strip with the tips of your hair. Roll your hair from the tops to the roots. Ensure you have the strip till in place. When you're done rolling all the way to your scalp, Secure the rolled hair in place by tying the ends of the strip or alternatively you can use a Bobby pin or an hair clip.Let your extensions to get completely dry, then carefully take out the strips and loosen your hair. Make sure to be gentle if you want your curls tight.

There you have it, your curls are set.Y ou can run through it with a wide tooth comb if you want your curls converted to waves. These are three amazing ways you can achieve beautiful flawless curls without hair curler or making use of any heat mechanism. They are easy, cheap, and leaves your virgin Malaysian hair with zero damage done.