How:Bleached knots on Lace Closure, Frontal and Lace Wigs
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How:Bleached knots on Lace Closure, Frontal and Lace Wigs

Bleached knots on frontals, closures, and lace wigs

We all heard "bleach knots" about frontal, lace closure and lace wigs, but what does it mean?
Bleaching knots on your lace closure or frontal means that you are removing pigment from the knots that keep each individual hair secured to the lace. The knots attached are very delicate spots.When hair is tied to a lace base, there is a dark knot where each strand is secured. Bleaching knots is basically adding bleach to the closures of your lace.

Why do we need to bleach them?

In order to complete your amazing sew-in,to customize your own hairstyle and make it look more natural, you order a lace closure.
Elfin hair with lace closure,lace frontal and lace wig.
This will conceal the knots on the closure, and you get to have the most amazing scalp and the hair appear as if it is growing
from the bleaching knots is necessary.

What do we need for bleaching knots?

●First you would be needing the Bleach (it’s obvious)
●an aluminum foil,
●A bow for mixing,
●a brush to help mix and apply the bleach,
●you may need a blow dryer but isn’t very necessary,  
●you can also use T pins if you want,
●a mannequin head
●a plastic cap
●your lace closure,frontal or lace wig

bleached knots

Bleaching knots can be quite difficult if you don’t have proper instructions, here are steps on how you can bleach knots:

Step 1: turn a portion of the bleach in the bowl. You can add some developer to blend with the bleach. Ensure you stir well. Ensure the mixture is thick enough, so the bleach doesn’t seep through when the mixture is applied to your closure. Any mistake can bleach the roots. 
Step 2: Put the closure on the piece of aluminium foil. Pin away your closure if there are baby hairs. Then turn your closure over and let it face the lace grid side. 
Step 3: Now use the brush and dab the bleach on the lace mildly. Put sufficient bleach to the lace, be sure to apply bleach on all of the knots. After this, flip the right side of your closure up and then shield the lace closure with the aluminium foil. 
Step 4: This is not so important. But you could get some t pins and hold your closure against the side of the mannequin head. 
Step 5: wear the plastic cap over its head. Now try blow-drying the lace closure just as it worn on the mannequin head, and covered with the plastic cap.
Step 6: examine the closure every four minutes. For a better check, turn your closure over the right to the right side, and see if the knots have been lifted. Let the bleach stay on till you can no longer see the knots on the closure anymore. Be patient till the knots have turned honey blonde colour, then use water to rinse out. You can use neutralizing shampoo to suspend the chemical processes of the bleach. Wash out after five minutes.
Step 7: Let your lace air dry. If you're in a rush, you can blow dry, but it's best to let your hair air dry after a chemical process to avoid damage.

Tips for bleaching knots:

●Not need to pull all the bleach, avoid excessive bleaching
●Make sure the bleach mixture is thick, not like liquid
●Make sure baby hair far away from the bleach mixture before you begin bleaching
●Make sure you apply enough bleach on the lace to cover all knots
●When your knots turn a honey blonde color then rinse bleach out.
●Wash it with a sulfate free shampoo to stop the processing of the chemicals from the bleach
elfin lace closure with bleached knots
Bleached knots can make the hair natural like the real hair grow up from your scalp. But for the beginners, we do not suggest you try. Because a step error will lead the bleaching fail.if bleached wrong will lead the hair shedding or even can't be used anymore.
All closure, frontal and wigs we ship out to you are already bleached knots. so no need to worry about will you bleach knots successfully if order on our Elfin hair store.