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Water Wave Hair: All You Should Know

Water wave hair is a very popular human hair type. This hair type can not only provide a beautiful wavy pattern but also add a fresh moving touch to women's hair look. Elfin Hair Water wave weaves are shiny and bouncy, perfect for adding hair volume and fullness. But many girls still don't know the differences between other wavy patterns, and how to get the natural water waves at home? If you are also interested in these, just keep reading, we are going to share with you all the basics you should know about water wave hair in this post.

What is water wave hair?

Water wave hair is a hair type that comes with tight and irregular curls. The wavy pattern of water wave hair looks like the waves flowing on the water's surface. 
water wave wig, wet and wavy hair

Water wave hair benefits:

Add volume and looks full: The water wave pattern is between curly and wavy, not as neat as deep waves, which makes it looks fuller and thicker. What's more, the special irregular water wave pattern also works to add a sexy but lovely touch to the overall hair look.

Natural appearance: Water wave texture is similar to the natural-born hairstyle of African American women. It blends well with their own hair texture, which makes it works to create a natural and voluminous hair look.

Chic wet look: The chic and charming "wet look" of water wave hair is also a reason why it is so popular this year. This magic is now not a secret, spraying a small of water onto the water wave wig, and the hair turns to a wet and wavy texture. It's a funny and safe wig game to create a sleek and sexy wet look without any heat treatment within a few seconds.

Water wave vs. deep wave

Deep wave hair comes with neat and tight curls. Both deep wave hair and water wave hair all work to add volume and length to one's hair look. 

The primary difference between water wave hair and deep wave hair is that the curl patterns of water wave hair are irregular and flow in different directions. Which makes the water wave hair looks more voluminous and fluffy than deep wave hair. 

What's more, the irregular water wave hair tends to appear a messy but lazy touch. While the deep wave hair with neat and tight curls appears more in a cool but sexy style. 
water wave vs deep wave

Water wave vs. loose wave

Some may be wondering if deep wave and water wave are the same? The truth is that they sometimes look similar in the images but they are definitely different wave styles.

The primary difference between these two wavy styles is that loose wave hair has larger curls than water wave hair. Loose wave hair adds an elegant but sexy touch to the overall look. And loose wave hair is suitable for all occasions. No matter if you buying a wig for a date or a vacation, this hairstyle can handle it well. It not only brings you a beautiful and voluminous hair look but is also easy to maintain and long-lasting.
water wave vs. loose wave

How to maintain water wave hair?

Caring for water wave wigs is very similar to caring for your own hair. 

Right hair care products:

A wide-tooth comb: Compared with flat combs, a wide-tooth comb can help to maintain the curl patterns.

Mild shampoo and hair conditioner for curly hair: Pick a mild sulfate-free shampoo and hair conditioner for hair cleaning. 

Natural hair oil, such as coconut oil: Apply a small amount of hair oil onto the wig can help to maintain shine and nourish the hair.

Hair mask for curly hair: Curly hair is typically more fragile than unprocessed hair. It's also a sensible choice to pick out a hair mask and make a deep condition 1-2 a month.

Wash less: 
If you plan on wearing your water wave hair regularly, plan to wash your extensions no more than once a week.

Store correctly: 
Set the curly wig on a wig stand when you don't wear it.

Less heat styling: 
Avoid excess heat or chemical treatment while styling your curly wig. Let the wig air dry instead of blowing with a hair dryer can also help to prolong the lifespan of the water wave wig.

Water wave hair and water wave wigs collection:

Explore the latest selection of water wave bundles and wigs at Elfin Hair. All our water wave wigs and bundles are made of 100% human hair, light, soft, silky and bouncy. Elfin hair provides high-quality water wave hair with different textures and lengths. From Brazilian water wave hair to Peruvian water wave hair, from 10 inch water wave wigs to 30-inch water wave wigs, we've got you covered.


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