5 Gorgeous Virgin Peruvian Hairstyles for This Summer
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5 Gorgeous Virgin Peruvian Hairstyles for This Summer

5 Gorgeous Virgin Peruvian Hairstyles for This Summer

It’s no secret that unprocessed virgin hair is the key to beautiful, natural hair that looks great, feels great and--when you take care of right--can last for a relatively long time. There are many different sources for unprocessed virgin hair, but virgin Peruvian hair is especially popular lately for its natural bounciness, lower risk of tangling, and--best of all--its high resistance to higher temperatures. If you’re one of the many women who will turn to virgin Peruvian hair this summer, consider the following 5 gorgeous unprocessed virgin hairstyles perfect for the summer season.

Ringlet Curls

Ringlet curls are bouncy, beautiful--and they look good with just about any type of fashion style. Virgin Peruvian hair will need to be styled to achieve the tight ringlets that are all the rage in the summer seasons, but the payoff for that time spent in front if the mirror will be a great hairstyle that will earn you compliments all summer long. For long-lasting curls that really bounce, you should use curling rods combined with a ore-treatment of curling cream for best results.

Beachy Waves

There’s a reason why beachy waves are so popular in the summer! If you want a hairstyle that simply screams “sand, summer, fun!” then you can do no better than a beautiful beachy wave. Some types of virgin Peruvian hair will have a natural bouncy wave to it, depending on what region it comes from and the overall hair grade. If your virgin Peruvian hair isn’t prone to natural waves, don’t fret--because Peruvian hair can better withstand higher temperatures, you’ll be able to get away with using some heat-based styling tools this summer season.

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Long and Sleek

Waves aren’t always in, and if you’re looking for a look that is full but not full of bouncy curls, then a long, sleek and straight hairstyle is just what you need. Unprocessed virgin hair looks especially great when it’s kept long and sleek because this lets the natural glossiness shine through. And nothing says summer fun like a head of beautiful, full--and shiny--hair.

Chic Bob

If you want something more daring than beachy waves, why not go for a short and very chic bob hairstyle? You’ll likely need to get your hair cut and styled to achieve this look, but the payoff--a dramatic, stand-out hairstyle that’s sure to make you feel Instagram-inspirational is more than worth the extra effort in getting it cut and styled.

Braided Up-Dos

If you want to really stand out this summer, you may want to consider a braided up-do. This hairstyle will definitely take more work than the others, since you’ll need to treat the hair with some styling products before braiding; you’ll also need at least at least a 13x4” lace front closure, although a 360 lace front closure is ideal for the most natural looking result.