What Causes Peruvian Hair Extension Shedding?
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What Causes Peruvian Hair Extension Shedding?

What Causes Peruvian Hair Extension Shedding?

One of the worst nightmares is combing through your hair after attaching some virgin hair extensions and watching a hair storm fall all around you until eventually, your full body hair extension becomes barely a hand full, eesh! Relax, understanding what causes your Peruvian hair extensions to shed can help you tackle it and stop it right on time before it becomes a nightmare, what you need is proper care for your hair in your daily routine and some adjustments to be made.

Many times, when hair extensions start shedding especially from when it is newly bought, it should be because hair extensions is not properly weft at the top and hair strands are loosely placed hence they fall off easily. In this case, the track of the weft can be resewn with a machine in a careful way to make it tighter otherwise sewing wrong might cause tangling and reduce the lifespan of the bundles, the hair strands can be sealed just below the weft with some special adhesive to make the hair strands stay in place.

Making adjustments to the hair care can stop shedding. Method of detangling and combing through hair bundles can cause shedding of hair strands. Avoid using tiny tooth combs because they pull at the hair strands from the weft and may cause the hair to pull out of the track line or break if it is tightly weft. It is better to use wide tooth combs to comb through your Peruvian hair extension because the tension it causes on the strands is low. Detangling the hair with fingers before combing will reduce shedding. Also shedding can be caused by brushing hair too often and weaken the weft track remember that it is hair, some strands are bound to fall out of place. Comb hair in the right direction and hold it down with your palm at the top while combing.

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Friction on hair at night causes hair extensions to shed. Night-time hair care routine should be taken seriously from pillowcases to hair styling at night. Cover hair with silk scarves at night to protect it from excessive friction with the pillow and from stripping it of its moisture, or make use of silk pillow cases as you would when caring for your natural hair. Avoid packing hair up in tight styles at night and with rubber bands because rubber bands tangle up hair strands and cause them to pull off in the process of removing the bands, and going to bed with tight hair up-dos causes strain on the hair extension strands and loosen them from the weft line.

Dry hair strands tangle more than moisturised hair strands and cause breakage, moisturise hair carefully. When you wash your peruvian hair weave, apply conditioner to make it softer to comb through, wash hair carefully and do not rub it roughly between towels to avoid tangling. Moisturised hair is easier to detangle, and the detangling process will not cause as much strain as when it is not moisturised. When styling with heat apply a protectant on the hair to retain moisture.