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What is a 360 lace wig?

What is a 360 wig?

360 Lace wig is a wig that has a circle lace sheer that goes around the head. It perfectly provides an entire hairline and allows you to rock a high ponytail. And the middle part of the 360 lace wig is a machine-made material that is durable and breathable.

360 lace wig

Why you should get a 360 wig?

Natural Appearance: The lace sheer that completely wraps the entire hairline makes the hair strands look like are growing from your own scalp. Even if you put it into a high ponytail, it's also hard for someone to tell if you are wearing a wig.

Versatile in styling: 360 Wig allows you to part anywhere you desire. Besides, with a human hair 360 lace wig, you can freely pull it into a high ponytail. 

Breathable and comfortable: A 360 wig can bring premium breathability to your scalp.

360 wig pigtails

360 wig Vs. full lace wig

Both 360 lace wigs and full lace wigs can offer a natural hairline and allow you to part anywhere you desire. 

But the full lace wig is more versatile than the 360 wig in styling. A full lace wig allows you to braid your natural hair into full head pigtails but a 360 wig can't. 

Besides, a full lace wig is more breathable than a 360 lace wig, since it has more lace.

But a 360 wig is more effortless to install and more wallet-friendly.

If you desire a more cost-effective human hair wig that allows you to rock a high ponytail, a 360 lace wig is an ideal option for you.

If you are always keen on trying different hairstyles, a full lace wig is a more versatile option for you.

360 wig

360 wig Vs. lace front wig

Breathability: A 360 wig provide premium breathability since it has more lace.

High-ponytail: A 360 wig allows you to pull all hair strands back and make a high ponytail. But if you tie a lace front wig into a ponytail you may find the nape isn't undetectable.

Price: Typically, a human hair 360 wig is more expensive than a human hair lace front wig.

Typically, we take realism, comfort, and budget into consideration while buying a wig. If don't count the budget, a 360 lace wig is a more comfortable and versatile option than a lace front wig. While the lace front wig offers a great balance between the budget and natural illusion. Cause the lace front wig is cost-effective and available to provide a natural hairline. What's more, if you are new to the wig game, you will find that a 360 lace wig is also easier to handle. 

Actually, when it comes to which wig is better for you, more depends on your preference and lifestyle.
360 lace wig ponytail


Explore the best pre-plucked 360 lace wig human hair at Elfin Hair. All our 360 wigs are made of 100% human hair, soft, silky, and textured, with a natural luster. No matter if you are searching for a curly 360 lace wig to reach a chic hair look, or if you desire a neat straight 360 lace wig with high density to add volume and length naturally, Elfin Hair has got you covered.

FAQs about 360 wigs:

Q: Can 360 wigs be parted anywhere?

A: Yes, a 360 lace wig allows you to part anywhere you desire.

Q: How long can you wear a 360 lace wig?

A: Typically, it can last up to 6 months. But we suggest you take it off after 4-6 weeks to give your natural hair a break.

Q: Can you put a 360 wig in a high ponytail?

A: Of course. You can put a 360 wig in a high ponytail.

Q: Is glue necessary while installing a 360 lace wig?

A: No, you don't need to apply glue or adhesive.

Q: How to take good care of a 360 lace wig?

A: Shampoo and condition your wig every 1-2 weeks. Always avoid rubbing and tearing the lace while cleaning and installing the wig.

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